Inflatable Dry Slides

Inflatable Dry Slides

Inflatable slides are an excellent way to keep kids entertained. They are affordable, easy to set up and require less space than a water slide.

They are also ideal for indoor events where a water slide is not appropriate. They are often cheaper to rent than bounce house combos or giant inflatables.


The construction of these commercial inflatables is top-notch, and they can endure years of rigorous use. They are made with heavy-duty puncture-resistant materials and feature quadruple stitching for added safety. Additionally, they use only about 4 liters of water per minute.

Inflatable dry slides also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, which makes it easy to find one that complements your kids’ backyard themes or party colors. They’re also great additions to events like festivals, fairs, fundraisers and summer camps.

Moreover, they’re designed to be safe and easy for children to operate. This is because Inflatable Dry Slides the design allows them to slide safely down the lanes and into a splash pool at the bottom of the unit. In addition, they’re typically constructed with a slick-finish vinyl material that ensures a smooth ride.

Most of these models have a single slide lane flanked by an inflatable staircase and climbing ramp. Depending on the model, there may be multiple slide lanes. A water recirculation kit is available for these products to recycle the water that collects in the splash pool, which could significantly cut down on water usage.

Many customers praise this product’s durability, with some even comparing it to a mini water park. It is also easy to set up, with a blower and detailed instructions included.


Designers of inflatables work overtime to come up with incredible shapes and configurations that give kids endless thrills. However, these rides can become dangerous if the proper safety precautions are not taken. For example, children should be limited to one ride at a time and they should not slide head first. This practice could lead to spinal injuries or even paralysis. Also, adults should remain in the vicinity of the slides to manage turns and ensure kids are not over-exerting themselves.

The construction of inflatable slides begins with sheets of heavy-duty vinyl fabric. These are cut into panels and then sewn together using multi-filament nylon thread for long-lasting durability. Commercial-grade slides are also constructed with a high-strength, heavy-duty zipper that prevents dirt and debris from getting inside the unit. Finally, additional vinyl patches are added to stress points for strength and extra protection against damage.

When renting an inflatable slide for a birthday party or other event, it is important to discuss safety concerns with the rental company. They will be able to Inflatable Dry Slides provide you with the specifications for each model as well as any other relevant information you need to keep your guests safe. They may also be able to recommend the best types of inflatables for your particular event and location. This will help you avoid any unforeseen safety issues and ensure that your event is a success.


Inflatable slides are a big draw for children at school festivals and carnivals. They are also fun for adults who want to climb up and slide down for a bit of excitement and thrill. It’s no wonder that they’re one of the most popular rental items at Happyjump.

While a water slide can add exhilarating fun and help guests cool off on a hot day, they’re not always an appropriate choice for every event. Some schools and community events have to take place indoors, so a water slide would be inappropriate. Additionally, it’s not safe to use a water slide in the rain or snow.

On the other hand, dry inflatable slides are just as exciting and can provide a safe way for kids to have fun and get some exercise. Dry inflatable slides don’t utilize water and can be used all year long. They can be set up without the splash pool attached and turned into a dry slide when it’s time to pack them away.

For example, the 18’ high Double Fun Dual Lane Dry Slide is a great choice for parties and events when a wet inflatable slide simply won’t work. It’s a colorful slide with an inflated landing area at the bottom and two lanes for sliding fun. Riders can compete with their friends to see who can slide down the fastest and earn bragging rights.


The convenience of inflatable slides makes them a great choice for events of all types. They provide a unique, exciting, and fun experience for guests of all ages that will be remembered long after the event. Additionally, they offer many health and safety benefits, as well as increased business opportunities for rental businesses and events organizers.

Water slides can be converted to dry slides for use in cooler weather by simply rolling up the splash pools and securing them with Velcros on each side. This will allow the kids to still have fun sliding without getting wet, and will help reduce the risk of molds and mildew in storage.

This makes them a perfect choice for cooler months, or for events where it would be inappropriate to use a water slide. They can be used in conjunction with bounce houses or as standalone units, and are available in a variety of sizes, from 15 ft to 27 ft tall, with single and dual lane options. Many also feature inflated bumpers to ensure the rider can safely come to a stop without falling off of the slide.