Inflatable Combos

Inflatable Combos – Double the Thrill and Excitement at Any Party

Inflatable Combos offer kids a chance to bounce, ride and slide at the same time. It doubles the thrill and excitement at any party.

These combos come with a large interior jumping space, basketball hoop, log and vertical pop up obstacles as well as steps leading to the slide. They also allow parents and spectators a clear view.

Bounce House Combos

Bounce House Combos are inflatable attractions that combine the fun of a bounce house with a slide. They are available in both wet or dry models and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the more popular options feature a spacious bounce area, a durable Inflatable Combos water slide with a splash pool and a climbing wall. This makes them perfect for summertime fun. They are also easier to exit than traditional bounce houses, making them a favorite for guests of all ages.

Whether you want to purchase bounce house slide combos for your own rental business or you’re looking for something to use at home, there are many benefits to choosing this type of inflatable. Kids love to jump and play with different toys, but the slides at playgrounds are usually short and not very slick. In a bounce house combo, the slide is long and smooth, making it much more fun than a playground slide.

A bounce house with slide is perfect for any event or occasion. They’re great for birthday parties, graduations, backyard BBQs and more. You can even find inflatable slides that are designed to be used wet for those hot summer days. These combos are made from a special material that is safe to bounce on with water in the bouncing area.

Inflatable Slide Combos

Featuring a bounce house with slide and other attractions in one inflatable unit, these commercial combos provide plenty of entertainment. Kids can play basketball, climb up the climbing latter and then go down the big slide to make a splash in the pool at the bottom of the combo. They can even use the pool dry or fill it with water for a wet combo to cool off during summer.

This fun and sporty combo is 100% Designed & Tested in United States using only the best and highest quality 18oz vinyl that is lead free and fire retardant. This bouncy castle with slide is sure to bring excitement and a big smile on everyone’s face at your next event!

This amazing commercial pirate ship bounce house with slide is a must-have for any inflatable rental business or backyard party. It has a spacious bouncing area, two built-in basketball hoops and other fun obstacles such as a tunnel, pop-ups, and a hole for hours of jumping, climbing, and sliding action. It’s also a great way to teach kids about the ocean and pirates. The deluxe pirate slide whooshes kids down to the center of the ship, which is decorated with black pirate flags, skulls, and a crow’s nest with parrot. Inflatable Combos This inflatable pirate ship is an ideal addition to any event with a theme or for anyone who loves pirates!

Inflatable Obstacle Course Combos

There is nothing like an obstacle course combo for a birthday party or backyard event. The obstacle courses are designed for a lot of kids and provide a great amount of kid pleasing fun and adventure. Our 18 Slide & Obstacle Combo features a 22 foot path of obstacles that participants navigate through. The ride then takes them through the Tunnel in the middle and up to the 18 slide. The ride is built with heavy-duty materials and includes lining covers over high wear areas for easier repair and more life of the inflatable. The ride is a great addition to indoor play centers, church youth groups and rental businesses.

There is nothing quite like racing a friend or your boss at a corporate company picnic, family member or teacher/coach at a school event through an inflatable obstacle course to see who can get through it the fastest. The Batman Inflatable Obstacle Challenge offers players a front loading obstacle entrance with tunnels and pop-ups to maneuver through, then up and over a climbing wall, across horizontal obstacles, through a pair of photo finish tunnels and down the slide for an exciting race and a winning photo finish! This obstacle course can be used wet or dry and is a great addition to backyard parties, township events and field days.

Inflatable Water Combos

There is something about combining two fun activities into one inflatable unit that really appeals to kids. This is why bounce house water slide combos (also called wet combos or water slides) are so popular.

These units can be used wet or dry and are great for summertime parties or events. The pools are made of a special non-slippery material that allows for safe bouncing when filled with water. Simply roll up the pool and secure it with hook and loop fasteners to use it like a regular EZ Combo, or fill them up with water for a splashing good time!

Inflatable combos are a smart choice for party planners and rental companies alike. They provide a cost-effective way to get the most out of your investment and they’re sure to keep the kids entertained all day long! Whether you’re looking for a small water slide combo to help children build confidence or an epic water slide combo that will be the life of your next event, we have a huge selection of water slides and bounce house combinations.