Forklift Tricolor Rear Light and Strobe Light

Pedestrian-forklift collisions account for about 40 percent of all lift truck accidents. To reduce these incidents, you can equip your forklift with optional safety lights like red zone safety lights and blue pedestrian spotlights.

These forklift lights project a bright red border around the forklift, making it easy for people to spot and keep a safe distance. Some of these lights are also key-activated and travel direction-activated.

Inset Headlights

Strobe lights flash to grab the attention of pedestrians and other forklift operators. They may not be necessary in every operation, but they can tractor light manufacturers enhance safety in some environments. Blue pedestrian spotlights and red side pedestrian lights are optional forklift accessories that can support safe operation in some environments.

These forklift safety lights are mounted on the left and right overhead guard pillars and shine an intense strip of light at the ground to warn pedestrians of the lift truck’s presence. They also help to create a visible safety border that pedestrians need to stay behind.

While these forklift safety lights are helpful, they don’t replace the need for quality training and regular inspections of your equipment. Additionally, using different colored lights on your forklift can cause confusion among warehouse workers about what each truck is doing. Ensure that your entire team understands the roles these forklift safety lights play and how to properly use them. If you’re considering adding these forklift lights to your fleet, consider LED options that are brighter, more reliable, and longer-lasting than traditional bulbs.

Combination Lights

Designed to keep pedestrians aware of your forklift in dimly lit work areas, these bright blue lights project a visible warning to ensure safety in warehouse environments. They mount directly to the forklift’s overhead guard with a tool free bracket. They’re powered by the forklift’s power supply so they stay on when in operation unless manually turned off. They offer 18 field selectable flash patterns and 2 timing phases to deliver a variety of visibility options. They have a narrower profile to better protect them from damage and are available in mast mounted or overhead guard mounted models for the specific needs of your warehouse.

These forklift strobe lights are mounted to the rear of the overhead guard and are aimed down toward the ground in front of or behind the forklift when it’s traveling forward. They remain white at all times and turn red when in reverse to warn pedestrians of the forklift’s presence. They also come in various color combinations including red, and they can be key-activated or travel direction-activated to help you customize your visibility requirements based on the application.

Rear Work Lights

Most forklift accidents occur when reversing, so these safety lights mounted on the rear of your forklift help to warn pedestrians. They can be especially helpful in noisy warehouses, where warning sounds can drown out and a visual reminder is an important supplement to existing safety measures. Make sure these forklift work lights are part of your pre-shift inspection checklist and that your operators remember to always use them when reversing.

These forklift strobe lights are mounted on the rear overhead guard and aimed toward the ground in front of or behind your forklift. They’re typically used in conjunction with rear work lights to provide a clearer indication of the forklift’s direction of travel. These forklift strobe lights come in a variety of flash patterns and timing phases to meet specific application needs.

This forklift blue light mounts to the overhead guard with a tool free bracket. It includes a J-bolt, clamps, fuse block and installation cables. These forklift blue lights are engineered and manufactured using high-grade components able to withstand vibration, pressure, dust, heat, cold and moisture for long term durability.

Tail/Brake Lights

Strobe lights are not required by OSHA but they can be useful equipment for supporting safe practices in certain operations. They illuminate to let those behind a forklift know it could start moving or change speeds quickly and may help prevent pedestrian-forklift collisions in blind intersections.

Blue pedestrian spotlights mount to the front or back of a forklift and shine a bright light in front of or behind your truck to warn pedestrians of its approach. They’re a good supplement to safety systems in noisy warehouse environments where warning sounds can be drowned out and are especially effective at warning pedestrians of reversing forklifts.

These directional warning lights from Grote feature 18 field-selectable flash patterns and 2 timing phases. Forklift Tricolor Rear Light They are fully programmable by the operator using a mobile app and can be synched with other S-Link enabled Grote devices. They use less power than traditional incandescent bulbs and include a brake/signal/standard tail light combo with a single plug-in unit. This makes them easy to install on existing forklifts without requiring additional wiring. They also have a built-in ambient light sensor for an optional auto-dim function to adjust to changing lighting conditions automatically.

Blue Spotlights

Blue pedestrian spotlights shine a bright spot on the floor in front of or behind your forklift, warning pedestrians and fellow operators of its presence. These safety lights can be key-activated or travel direction-activated and come in several configurations.

Red zone safety lights, mounted on the overhead guard’s left and right side, project a red “no-go” area onto the warehouse floor 10-20 ft in front or behind your forklift. They help alert pedestrians that they must maintain a safe distance and keep their eyes on the forklift at all times.

These safety lights mount on the rear of your forklift, since most accidents happen while the truck is reversing. They work best in noisy environments, where traditional audio back-up alarms can get drowned out and a visual warning is more effective. These safety lights are powered by the forklift’s vehicle electrical power and can be configured with 18 field selectable flash patterns and 2 timing phases. These forklift accessories are simple to install, with a tool free bracket on the overhead guard and easy wire connections.