Adding Custom Off Road Lights to Your Off-Road Vehicle

Equipping your off-road vehicle with high-output auxiliary lighting is an essential upgrade. The automotive aftermarket is flooded with LED light bars, cubes, pods and round lights, but sorting through all the options can be overwhelming.

Aim for lights with a 5,000-degree Kelvin color temperature, which will be closest to daylight brightness. This will make your night vision indistinguishable from daytime visibility.


Whether you’re outfitting a work truck or giving your personal off-road vehicle a unique look, we have LED light bars in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Choose from a wide range of wattages and beam patterns to illuminate the darkest trails. We also carry a variety of power-hogging equipment to ensure you have enough juice for your lights and other accessories in the event that your alternator fails. We recommend wiring at least two circuits or relays for multi-light setups, so that if one goes down, the other will still function.

KC LED light bars offer a led flood lights powerful wall of daytime quality light to cut through the darkest nights. They come in a variety of lengths and wattages, with different beam patterns and special features. Fog lights are designed to improve visibility in fog or rain, while work/flood lights provide a wide area of illumination for working on your vehicle or illuminating tight trails.

Grill lights make a bold statement and enhance the visual appeal of your 4×4. They are available in various colors to complement any off-road vehicle’s design, including those that feature a rugged and assertive look. Lastly, light whips are an exciting and dynamic way to add color and visual flair to your nighttime off-road adventures. They are easy to install and can be used with any type of lighting system, providing a versatile off-road addition to your vehicle.

Light Pods

Pod lights are a great addition to any vehicle and serve many different purposes. They’re small in size and offer a range of brightness levels and beam angles. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns to meet your style needs.

LED pod lights can be mounted in multiple locations on your truck or jeep. They can be used as fog lights, reversing lights, or even as high beams. They are easy to install and can provide a lot of light. They’re also durable and can stand up to rough weather conditions.

You can choose from spot, flood, or combo LED pod lights to suit your vehicle’s needs. Spot LED pods are great for long-range visibility, while flood LED pods are better suited for broader coverage. Combo LED pods are perfect for off-road driving where you need to see both the road ahead and around you.

Morimoto’s ModPods are the ultimate auxiliary lighting solution for trucks and Jeeps. With two different LED configurations, three lens color choices, and three mounting styles, the possibilities are endless. With a drilled out bezel that creates a pseudo-halo effect, these pods look as good as they perform. They’re made of CNC 6061 anodized aluminum and mount easily to any surface on your truck or Jeep. Craft the lighting setup of your dreams with a few quick changes to the included mounting hardware and wiring harnesses.

Driving Lights

If you’re in the group that traverses Forest Service trails, enjoys overlanding, and sometimes has a bit of high speed action mixed with some rock crawling sections, you might need more than the factory headlights can provide. Fortunately, you can find a solution with driving lights that offer a versatile lighting balance for most trail conditions.

A driving light is a type of LED light designed to supplement your vehicle’s high beams, creating visibility over a wider area than standard headlights can. They’re positioned higher and dispersed forward in a rectangular pattern, depending on the design, so they’re great for lighting up the trail ahead of you and allowing you to see objects far down the trail long before you reach them.

Most aftermarket driving lights aren’t DOT-approved, so running custom off road lights them on paved roads is illegal in most states. However, they can be used on off road trails where there’s no chance of blinding oncoming traffic.

KC’s off road LED lights can be customized to include either flood or spot patterns. Both can be used for off road lighting, but the flood pattern is better suited for illuminating the sides of the trail and nearby obstacles or wildlife. The spot pattern has a narrower beam that can be used for distance lighting and to illuminate the front of the truck or trailer.

Fog Lights

Fog is a regular occurrence in some parts of the country and driving through it can be frustrating. The fog acts like a blanket over the road and decreases visibility making it difficult to see what lies ahead. Using your headlights to navigate the fog can make the situation worse by reflecting off the water droplets or ice crystals in the air. Fog lights help to reduce this issue by aiming light downward. Fog lights have a sharp cutoff angle at the top so they don’t reflect off the fog and only focus on lighting the road ahead.

Typically mounted low on the vehicle, they can be used in combination with your normal headlights at slow speeds to illuminate the path of travel. Fog lights have a shorter range than other lights and should be switched off once the fog clears to prevent dazzing other drivers on the road.

Fog lights can be upgraded with HID or LED bulbs, if desired. There are even conversion kits that can be installed in stock halogen fog assemblies to upgrade to better performance and longer lifespans. Depending on the type of illumination you need for your off-road adventures, we offer an extensive selection of fog lights from quality manufacturers including Hella, KC HiLites, Rigid Industries, and Piaa Lighting. These DOT-legal off-road lights will enhance your visibility, helping you to spot obstacles and changes in terrain for safer navigation.