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Wear Your Hometown Pride With a Personalized Baseball Jersey

Wear your hometown pride with a baseball jersey. These shirts are a statement about your love of a city and an outward sign of loyalty that goes beyond baseball.

Made with Dry-Excel polyester reversible closed hole mesh to fight odors and wick moisture. Always hang-dry your jersey after washing to avoid shrinking.


A baseball jersey is more than just a professional uniform worn during game time or batting practice. The sport’s iconic garment has also been adopted by fans and fashion lovers across the country to elevate their everyday look. Whether it’s for a lowkey downtown excursion or for casual day out, a personalized baseball jersey looks great for just about any occasion. You can dress it up with a few eye-catching jewelry additions or simply wear it over your favorite shirt for an urban, sleek impression. You can even layer a hoodie or long-sleeve shirt underneath to be prepared for a cooler temperature.

The popularity of baseball jerseys has been fueled by the rise in the number of people who play and watch the game. In addition to the MLB and semi-pro baseball teams, players, parents, siblings, friends, religious groups, fraternities, beer league softball teams, and school sports programs all regularly wear custom jerseys for fun and to unite as a group. The variety of styles, fabrics, and decoration options available for customizing a baseball jersey means there’s one to suit nearly any budget, occasion, or style.

Authentic MLB jerseys are the ones worn by players on the field and are often made of high-quality, double-knit polyester material. They may feature either full or half-button plackets and are embroidered with the team logo, player name, and player number. If you’re looking for an authentic baseball jersey to wear at home or while attending a game, make sure you shop from a reliable, licensed manufacturer.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider the replica jerseys that are offered by various retailers. While they won’t be as expensive as an authentic jersey, they will still have the same look and feel. If you’re shopping for a replica jersey, keep an eye out for pricing that’s too good to be true. In most cases, if the price is too low, it’s likely a fake.

You can also create your own custom baseball jersey for a fraction of the cost by choosing an online designer that offers no minimums and free sublimation. These sites will provide you with a virtual design tool to easily add your own text and graphics. Using a streamlined interface, you can customize a baseball jersey in minutes and order it without any hassle.

Numbers & Letters

While a baseball jersey may seem like a guy’s style piece, it’s a great unisex fashion choice. It can be layered under a hoodie or worn alone to add polish and sophistication to your outfit. There are endless options when it comes to the color, baseball jersey design, and lettering of a baseball jersey. Whether you prefer dark-toned or bright designs, there’s a baseball jersey to fit your taste and style.

The uniform numbers of a baseball player identify the individual players on the field and allow fans to easily follow game scores. Each number is also connected to a memorable moment in baseball history, such as the home run that won the first World Series for the New York Yankees.

When it comes to choosing a baseball jersey, the best number for you depends on your preferences and what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. The number 2 is associated with Derek Jeter and his iconic home runs, while 11 is the lucky number for Rogers Hornsby. The number 10 has also been a favorite of Barry Larkin, Bo Derek, and Edgar Martinez.

For a professional look, choose embroidered lettering. It’s a classic decoration style for team uniforms and custom spiritwear that’s sewn onto the front of your jersey or on a nameplate. The letters and numbers are heat-sealed on both sides to prevent them from falling off or peeling off during washing.

Iron on twill is another popular option for team uniforms and spiritwear. This decoration style is applied with a special heat press, causing the fabric to melt and adhere to the jersey material. The result is an attractive, durable application that lasts longer than traditional stitched numbers and letters.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between front or back tackle twill numbers and letters. The front twill numbers are larger and more prominent, while the back twill numbers are smaller and less visible. Iron on numbers are available in a wide variety of colors to match your jersey or team’s colors.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to an expensive baseball jersey, you can find replicas at a number of stores, including athletic and fashion retailers. Some companies, such as Mitchell & Ness, recreate throwback designs from MLB teams for affordable prices. Alternatively, some fashion brands take the basic silhouette of the baseball jersey and replace the logos with their own graphics.

Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers

Unlike many other sports, baseball is unique in that the players (and coaches) wear large numbers on their jerseys. This allows other team members to quickly identify a player on the field. A player’s number may also be displayed in other locations, such as on the sleeves, pants, or front of the jersey. Some players have become so associated with a particular number that the team will retire that number, as was the case for Lou Gehrig’s No. 4 with the New York Yankees.

Typically, jerseys are decorated with pre-cut letters and numbers for fast and easy application. They are available in heat transfer vinyl, fabric or acrylic felt and can be cut to a specific size, material, color, adhesive backing and font type.

One of the most popular applications for athletic team jerseys is tackle twill numbers. These fully customizable, single to triple layered, iron on numbers are child safe, machine washable and resistant to abrasion. They come in the most common athletic styles, sizes and colors and provide a smooth, soft finish on garments.

In addition to standard athletic block style letters, you can also add team names and sponsor names using pre-spaced transfers. These are the fastest way to personalize uniforms and are weeded, pre-spaced and pre-aligned on a carrier for one step placement per color. They are also child safe and machine washable, making them a great option for youth sports teams.

Another option for decorating your baseball jerseys is to use a vinyl cutter and heat press to create custom lettering. These are more cost effective than pre-spaced lettering, but require a little more work and time to cut yourself. You can find a wide variety of vinyls designed for use on clothing in various textures, materials, sizes and colors at stores like JOANN.

Lastly, you can also use screen printing to decorate your baseball jerseys with pre-spaced player names and numbers. These are typically the same styles, sizes and colors as those used by professional baseball leagues and can be printed on both front and back of jerseys.

Any Word. Any Way.

Baseball jerseys are the perfect streetwear look for a day out at the ball park, but they can also be dressed up with some tailored pants and heels for a casual night on the town. The key to pulling off this look is to keep your accessories minimal and choose one bold piece to accent your baseball jersey look – such as shoes, a bag, or a necklace. Then, complete your outfit with a baseball-inspired jersey to show off your team spirit!

Adding your own name or other text to a baseball jersey is an easy way to customize it and make it yours. You can either iron on a patch or sew it on. Ironing is quicker and easier, but sewing ensures a more secure attachment. You can also use a combination of both techniques to create a unique look.

A great place to add a personal touch is on the back of the jersey. Most jerseys feature the team logo and a player’s name on the back, but you can also add an individualized word or phrase. Just be sure to double-check the spelling, as mistakes can spoil a good look!

You can also display your favorite team’s nickname on the placket of the jersey. This is a unique way to show your love for the team and can be especially meaningful if you’re wearing a vintage or throwback jersey from the early years of the franchise. For example, the 1909 Chicago Cubs used “CHICAGO” on their jersey placket, and the 1911 Pittsburgh Pirates used “BROOKLYN” on their home and away uniforms.

Another way to showcase your fandom is by displaying patches and other items from the team in a baseball jersey frame. This is a great way to keep memorabilia safe and protected, but it’s also an excellent way to show off your team pride in a stylish way. The best part is that you can frame any item you want, including a jersey, lineup card, photos, and even a baseball or plaque.