wall lights indoor

Wall Lights Indoor

Wall lights indoor add a great deal of character to your home and are a fantastic alternative to lighting fixtures. They are available in a range of styles and are operated via standard wall switches – like those used for ceiling lights.

Consider the purpose of your wall light – should it blend in or become a focal point? This will help you narrow down your choice of style.


Wall lights are a fantastic way to light up dark corners in your home, create an ambiance in your bedroom and illuminate hallways and stairwells. There are plenty of different styles of wall sconces to suit your interior design, whether you’re looking for classic wrought iron designs for period properties or a sleek, minimalist look for modern homes.

When choosing a wall light, it’s important to consider the LED Track Light height at which you’re going to mount it. You don’t want your lighting to be too high or too low – it should be positioned around eye level, so that you can comfortably read and move about the space.

For hallways, a good rule of thumb is to position one fixture every 8 to 10 feet. This helps to avoid the corridors from becoming a tunnel of light and keeps the light distribution consistent. However, if you want to add more dimension to your interior design, stagger the lights so that they don’t line up in pairs. This will give the space a more natural and relaxed feel.


Wall lights come in a wide variety of styles. Some fixtures evoke the look of lanterns with metal hardware and glass or ceramic bulb housing while others celebrate sophisticated lighting design and top quality materials. Others may feature modern silhouettes and geometric forms. For example, the sleek Navin sconce offers an elegantly minimal profile that would work well in a variety of interior styles.

Picture lights (also called art lights) are designed to draw attention and accentuate paintings, photographs, and other wall art. Unlike recessed downlights that can interfere with or add glare to framed artwork, these wall lamps illuminate the piece from above and direct a soft light towards it without affecting the color of the artwork.

Uplights are another type of wall mounted lamp that resembles a torchiere in appearance. These fixtures project light upward to make a space feel larger and can be used in living rooms, home offices, or hallways. They are especially effective when paired with a ceiling fan to create an open feeling in a room. Some uplights feature a short arm that makes them appear more like sconces, while others feature longer swing-arms.


Modern indoor wall lights are crafted from a range of beautiful materials that can elevate your home’s interior design. Many of these sconces feature metal alloys that lend themselves to an array of contemporary styles. Choosing a material that matches your interior decor will ensure that your new fixture looks stunning when installed on your walls.

Armed sconces, for example, can feature one or more metal arms that extend out to offer various setback distances. These sconces can be used to highlight wall lights indoor mirrors above double sinks in bathrooms or to illuminate the area around a fireplace mantle in living rooms. Many of these sconces are dimmable and allow you to adjust the light output to match the mood of your space.

Other sconces mount flush to the wall surface without extended arms. These types of sconces can be installed near doorways or entryways, in corridors and large dining/living spaces to provide ample ground illuminance while complementing overhead lighting. When placed correctly, these sconces can also enhance the vertical dimensions of your space by casting soft upward illumination.


Aside from a bulb, the most important aspect of a wall light is its finish. Many indoor wall sconces are made from metal with finishes like gold, bronze, and even matte black. They are also available with glass or ceramic bulbs, giving them a classic look that can complement most interior styles. These fixtures can be installed at eye level in bedrooms and living rooms, or as a secondary source of illumination in narrow hallways and stairways.

The ideal height for a wall lamp sconce is approximately 20 inches from the floor. To find out how high to install them in your bedroom, sit up in bed and measure a few inches above your shoulder. This will be your ideal sconce height, and it will ensure that the fixture provides ambient and task lighting for you.

Aside from sconces, there are also many other types of indoor wall lighting that can complement your home or commercial space. For instance, uplight fixtures are a great way to illuminate the front of your house or highlight artwork in an entryway. They are also ideal for illuminating dark corners or a bare wall in a dining room.


Modern indoor wall lights serve a range of purposes depending on their style. Some, like the Glint wall light from By Living, focus on tables or art pieces to highlight them for guests and create a welcoming ambiance in dining rooms. Others, like the Loft white wall light, can be used to direct lighting in specific areas of a room such as stairways for safety and security.

Hallways and entryways are perfect places to add wall sconces as they add ambient lighting with an artistic flair. A good rule of thumb is to mount them about six feet from the floor – although this will depend on the height of family members and ceiling size.

If you want to add a little extra flair to your hallways, consider choosing wall lights with an artistic impact such as the LWA387 interior LED hexagonal wall light. This stylish light shines illumination back onto the walls to create a “wall washing effect” and makes hallways look brighter, more spacious and a whole lot more beautiful. With an assortment of colours, styles and materials available, you’re sure to find a contemporary wall light that perfectly suits your space.