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No matter, the comb plate impact tool is an extremely crucial safety and security feature of an escalator, and has actually been called for per ASME A17.1 Safety And Security Code because the early 1990’s. Discovery of either vertical or horizontal activity in a comb plate is crucial for the security of the riding public. KONE Spares has 2 different upgrades for this gadget, and also a device to make certain this attribute is changed appropriately– no matter what brand name or version escalator you’re servicing.

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The comb plate lies at both ends of an escalator or moving stroll, where the moving actions fulfill the taken care of landing portion. The comb plate has teeth, which are straightened with the recess of …

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… Escalator Comb Plate GOA453A6 143 * 140mm escalator comb plate 10pcs for Otis. $100.00 $150.00. GOA453A9 127 * 139.7 mm Escalator Comb Plate 10pcs for otis. $100.00 $150.00. GOA453A1 yellow 152.4 * 139.7 mm escalator comb plate 10pcs for Otis. $130.00 $150.00. GOA453A4 yellow 146 * 139.7 mm escalator comb plate 10pcs for Otis. $130.00 $150.00.

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Escalator Comb Plate Impact Tool Spring Integrity Upgrade Escalator Comb Plate Influence Gadget Springtime Dependability Upgrade. Detection of comb plate motion in either the horizontal or vertical instructions is required by Code. The comb impact tool is designed to close the motor off and activate the brake on the occasion that brush plate activity is identified. This is vital for the security of the riding public. An enhanced design comb plate influence gadget is available for existing Montgomery/KONE human resources Collection escalators that utilize a cone-shaped spring washer …

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Usage on any escalator with comb plate impact switches. Illustrated step-by-step directions available with every set; In supply and all set to ship; To Order: Escalator Comb Plate Effect Component Examination Package, Component Number US521054003; Keep in mind that this test package likewise calls for making use of Stress Scale Package, KM51267157R01, likewise readily available from KONE Spares.

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