Unicorn Bouncy Castle

Unicorn Bouncy Castle

Add a little bit of magic and fun to your next party or event with this Unicorn Bouncy Castle! Its colourful and vibrant design makes it a great choice for children of all ages.

This inflatable is great for a variety of different occasions and events including birthday parties, festivals and school events! It also has a detachable raincover to ensure that it stays safe for use throughout the day.


The unicorn is one of the most popular themes for inflatable bouncy castles. It is also a very eye-catching theme and has plenty of sweetness to it. It is also very versatile because it can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a perfect choice for all kinds of events.

This bouncy castle has a lot of features and will keep your little one occupied for hours on end. It is made from a durable and tear-resistant material that will last for years. It is also easy to set up and has a large jumping area, a slide, small obstacles and a climbing wall.

It comes with a blower, anchoring materials and a transport bag, making it extremely convenient for you to use. It can be set up in minutes, and is the perfect addition to any party.

If you want to make your child’s birthday party a magical event, this bouncy castle is a great choice. It has a big front with an eye-catching unicorn shape and colorful painting, which will surely light up the eyes of your guests. It also has an inflatable mattress in the front to provide extra fun and keep kids entertained for hours on end!

Another good thing about this bouncy castle is that it comes with an inflatable ladder, which allows parents to take the kiddos on a ride without having to stand over them. It also comes with a high quality air pump, which makes it easy to inflate and deflate.

What’s more, the rainbow coloured unicorn on this inflatable is the icing on the cake! It is a real eye-catcher, and the glittering lights will certainly light up your little ones’ eyes.

Lastly, the unicorn-themed water park with a long water slide and a jumping area will be a sure winner Unicorn Bouncy Castle in your kids’ birthday party. It also comes with a top sprinkler and a water cannon, which will constantly spout out cool spray in the hot summer.

This is a perfect choice for your child’s birthday party and will be a hit with kids of all ages. It is a unique combination of the best that inflatables have to offer, leaving your child with memories they will cherish forever.


The Unicorn Bouncy Castle is a very popular inflatable game for children. It is also a good choice for events where there is not much space available, as it has a low height and can be inflated inside the venue. The castle is very colorful and has a large jumping area that is sure to attract lots of kids!

This bouncy castle is suitable for children from age 3 to 14 years, and its low height makes it an ideal option for indoor venues. It can be hired for a variety of occasions and is perfect for birthday parties, school events, church functions, family fun days, corporate events and much more!

In addition to the large bouncy area, this inflatable castle has a number of additional features that add to its appeal. These include a large slide, small obstacles and popup slides! It is also equipped with nets on the outside of the bouncy castle to ensure the safety of kids and keep them out of harm’s way.

There are also mesh windows on both the front and side of this bouncy castle, which allow all the kids to jump from a distance and allows parents and spectators to see them playing without getting their eyes tripped up. This bouncy castle is also a great choice for smaller spaces as it can fit into a lot of backyards and driveways and is easy to move.

The Mini Bounce is an affordable option for children’s parties, and it can be set up within 10 minutes. It is also supplied with a blower, anchoring materials, and a transport bag to make it easy to bring it home.

This unicorn bouncy castle has a beautiful unicorn theme that will definitely be the highlight of any child’s party! It is made of strong and safe fire-resistant vinyl, making it ideal for commercial use.

It has a large bounce area, and it can accommodate up to six kids at the same time! It is also a good choice for water parties, as it has an inflatable pool and a long slide.


The unicorn is a symbol of magic and wonder. It is the star of many fairy tales, and is a beloved animal of young and old alike. It is often regarded as one of the most majestic creatures in the world, and its popularity has given rise to a range of products with the unicorn as a motif, from clothes to stuffed animals to notebooks.

A unicorn bouncy castle is the perfect addition to any children’s party, as it’s fun and safe for everyone involved. The castle features a number of activities including a large bounce area, a slide and a variety of popup obstacles and climbing sections. It also has a nice looking design with plenty of eye-catching colour, and a wavy roof that adds to the overall fun factor.

What’s more, this bouncy castle is also a good value for money, and comes in a range of sizes to suit any budget. It’s a real winner for any child or children’s party, and is sure to be the talking point amongst all your guests.

The Multiplay XXL is a great choice for your next children’s party, it is easy to set up and comes with everything you need in one package, including a blower, anchoring material and transport bag. The inflatable is also supplied with a clear manual to make sure you have all the information you need to set up and operate the most exciting unicorn bouncy castle on the block.


Bouncy castles are fun, but they can also cause injury if not used correctly. RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) has some great tips on how Unicorn Bouncy Castle to ensure your bouncy castle is safe, including making sure the bouncy castle is not overcrowded and that children don’t get rough with each other or roll off the bouncy castle.

In addition to safety measures, bouncy castles must be sited on level ground away from possible hazards such as fences or overhead power lines. They should also be well inspected before they are used. They should not be used in adverse weather conditions such as high winds or wet weather, which can cause inflatables to flip over and cause injuries.

The bouncy castle must also be free of sharp objects, as these can be a hazard to the people in it and can lead to choking. It should also be supervised by adults to prevent injuries from being caused.

Another important safety precaution is that the bouncy castle needs electricity to stay inflated, and it can deflate very quickly in a power failure. This is something to be aware of if you’re renting your bouncy castle for an event, and it is important that you supervise children at all times to ensure they don’t touch the electrics or jump without permission.

Finally, if there are sticky moments like sticky sweets or pop spillages on the bouncy castle, it is important to keep wipes nearby so children can clean up before they go inside. This will help to keep the area clean and safe for everyone, and can make your party much more memorable. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your bouncy castle is safely and successfully used by all your guests!