LED moving head light

Types of LED Moving Head Light

A LED moving head light is a stand-alone lighting fixture that can rotate, swivel and move effortlessly. These lights are often seen on stage and can be used for a variety of lighting effects.

Whether you are a professional artist, event planner or even a church, these moving head lights can help bring your show to life.

Wash Fixture

LED moving head lights are a great option for illuminating stages as they offer multiple effects and produce a wide range of colours. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are weather-resistant, meaning they are suitable for a variety of events.

They use LED technology for their light-source and have a much lower energy consumption than conventional lamps, saving you money. They also last tens of thousands of hours and have less heat output than discharge lamps.

Using DMX, you can create a custom show with these fixtures. You can control the movement of the light from the control panel on the unit, as well as select the colour. They also feature auto-show modes that are preset and can be programmed with DMX.

A wash fixture is a type of moving head light that features a wide beam aperture with multiple LEDs to project a light effect. They can be found in a range of shapes and sizes, with different models offering color wheels and full-color mixing.

These fixtures are typically more affordable than Spot and Beam fixtures, although they may be more expensive than a Hybrid fixture. They usually have simpler optics, and may lack some of the advanced features such as GOBOs and prisms that are common in high-end spot units.

In addition, some wash fixtures have a motorized ‘zoom’ function which allows you to change the angle of the light output remotely. They can be a great option LED moving head light for smaller shows and venues, as they don’t require complicated mounting systems.

Another benefit of a wash fixture is that they don’t have a sharp beam angle, meaning they can be positioned in a range of different ways and can be angled to reflect off of walls and other surfaces. They can also be placed in front of people, which is a great way to get a crowd reaction.

They can be used in a wide range of applications, from theatre to pub gigs and weddings. They are also a great choice for large-scale events as they can be connected to other lights in master/slave mode to produce synchronized effects and movements.

Spot Fixture

The spot fixture is one of the most common types of LED moving head light fixtures. These lights are designed to shoot a beam of light that is confined to a specific area on the stage. This allows the users to create a certain effect on the stage that is unique and impressive.

In addition, these lights also come with a beam-shaping shutter that can be used to angle the edges of the beam in any direction. This can be an important feature for many production houses because it can help them achieve the desired effects on the stage.

This is also a great benefit for theatre companies as it can allow them to use different textures and gobo wheels to make their performance unique and interesting. This can also help them bring out a diverse group of people on the stage.

Another advantage of these lights is that they can be moved around the stage easily. This feature makes them an ideal choice for performers as it can save them time and effort during a performance.

These lights are also weather-resistant, which means they can be used outside without worrying about them getting damaged by harsh weather conditions. This is a huge plus for many production houses as it can save them money on the maintenance of their lighting equipment.

The wash fixture is another popular type of outdoor stage lighting. Its softer edges can illuminate large areas of the surface. These lights can be very useful for large stadiums and other places where you need to illuminate a lot of space.

When purchasing a wash fixture, it is important to purchase from a reputable manufacturer. This will ensure that you get the best value for your money.

It is also important to remember that these fixtures need a dimming shutter. This will allow you to control the intensity of the lights and make sure that they are working correctly.

These lights also need to be stored away from humid and hot places. This is because these fixtures can damage quickly if they are exposed to the elements.

Hybrids Fixture

Hybrid fixtures are a versatile lighting tool that combine multiple beam modes within one fixture, which is beneficial for both production companies and rental agencies. Designed to withstand the demands of busy events, these fixtures are designed to offer more functionality than simple one-trick-pony lights, with the ability to produce a wide variety of effects for different applications.

Part of ADJ’s popular Focus series of LED-powered moving heads, the Focus Hybrid is a versatile fixture that can function as a spot, wash or beam luminaire. It features an efficient 200W cool white LED engine which is focused through a precision-engineered optical system and various beam-shaping elements to generate a flexible output that can be used to create aerial effects, surface pattern projections or color washes.

The Focus Hybrid offers a variable beam angle between an intense 2-degrees and a significantly wider 24-degrees, which can be altered remotely using the motorized zoom function. This allows a sharp beam to be generated for generating aerial effects, while a broader beam angle is designed for surface GOBO projections at varying projection distances. In addition, a frost filter can be fitted to widen the beam angle and soften the beam edge to achieve a wash output.

This LED moving head light also supports the RDM LED moving head light (Remote Device Management) protocol, which allows it to be controlled via a compatible DMX control solution over a network. This feature is particularly useful for controlling fixtures from a distance, or when a venue lacks an access point to the DMX signal.

Alternatively, this unit can be operated in standalone mode or Master/Slave mode. It also has a built-in antenna that is compatible with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR wireless DMX technology, which allows it to receive a DMX signal wirelessly from a compatible WiFLY transmitter or another WiFLY-equipped fixture over a distance of up to 2500 feet / 700 meters.

The American DJ VIZI CMY300 is an intelligent, hybrid LED moving head fixture that offers a vast selection of dynamic colors and effects to energize your dance floor or live stage productions. It acts as a beam, spot, and wash all-in-one fixture with a 300W cool-white LED engine, powerful enough for concert tour, theater production, and festival stage applications, or large church installations.


The LED moving head light is a lighting fixture that has the ability to move its yoke vertically or horizontally. It is used in many different kinds of events and stage shows. It is an excellent investment, but it needs proper maintenance to keep it in working condition.

There are a number of things you can do to keep your LED lights in good condition. These tips will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future.

One of the best ways to extend the lifetime of your lights is to clean them frequently. This will not only make the lights brighter, but it will also remove dust and debris that could cause shortages.

Another way to prevent damage is to ensure that the LEDs you purchase are of high quality. This is especially important if you plan to use them for a long time.

You should also make sure that the color temperature, lumen, and color rendering index of the LEDs you buy match your specific requirements. This will minimize the cost of LED moving head light maintenance.

Finally, you should be aware of any warnings or disassembly instructions from the manufacturer. This is to prevent you from unintentionally damaging the circuit or having a poor influence on the lifetime of your LEDs.

In addition, you should be aware of any swollen or bulging bulbs in your car lights. This can happen if you are using impure or impaired bulbs.

It is also a good idea to thoroughly clean the lenses of your headlights and taillights, especially when you have been driving for long periods. This can be done by taking your car in for a maintenance service.

If you’re not sure whether your car’s lights are in proper working condition, you should take them to an expert. The experts are able to properly examine your car’s lights, which will allow them to pinpoint any issues or damages that may need fixing.

The moving head lights of your car are essential parts of your vehicle. These are designed to protect your passengers, as well as other road users. The headlights are responsible for illuminating the roads ahead, while the taillights are responsible for highlighting the road behind. Both headlights and taillights have to work constantly, and they are exposed to harsh elements like snow, water, debris, and UV rays.