Treadmill Pools

Treadmill Pools For Home Use

Treadmill pools are a popular addition to elite athletic training facilities, physical therapy clinics and senior-living communities. But they’re also ideal for home use.

In waist-deep water, a person’s body weight is reduced by about 80 percent, so joints and muscles get an immediate workout with less impact. Learn more by requesting a free information kit.


The HydroWorx® therapy pool provides physical therapists and athletic trainers with an anti-gravity environment for patient and athlete training. Two underwater cameras and a flatscreen viewing monitor enhance the therapist’s ability to evaluate gait patterns. The water-based treadmill allows patients to walk, run or engage in multi directional exercises while simultaneously decreasing body weight and joint impact. The treadmill can also be used to safely and productively intensify workouts for athletes transitioning from therapy into active training.

The moveable floor in a HydroWorx therapy pool facilitates easy entry and exit for children, elderly or those with orthopedic injuries or chronic conditions. All pools have a built-in underwater treadmill that promotes proper gait and encourages correct biomechanics while walking or running in the water.

An underwater treadmill can help athletes maintain cardiovascular fitness, build muscle tone, and improve overall flexibility. Water-based aerobic exercise strengthens respiratory muscles and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, which helps to increase energy. Athletes can also benefit from the water’s natural resistance to movement, which builds strength and increases the effectiveness of an exercise.

The heightened resistance and buoyancy of the water allows for longer exercise durations than Treadmill Pools on land. A recent study by Utah State University showed that a significant number of patients with osteoarthritis (OA) improved their mobility and reduced pain after engaging in aquatic treadmill exercise. OA is a common condition for Baby Boomers and is expected to continue to increase with the population’s longevity.

Endless Pools®

Swim, jog, walk, run, cycle, lift water weights and do other aerobic and strength training exercises in your own backyard pool, with the Endless Pools Hydrostride. This innovative home fitness system combines the revolutionary Endless Pools swim machine with an underwater treadmill and rowing, for a complete workout that’s perfect for beginners, people with injuries, or those who just want to relax and enjoy the many wellness benefits of exercising in water.

The heart of an Endless Pools Fitness System is a hydraulic power unit that delivers high-grade, biodegradable vegetable oil to the incredibly efficient 5 HP underwater motor, for maximum power at an energy efficient rate. Both the swim machine and underwater treadmill are managed through remote controls, which allow you to change speeds from a leisurely pace up to 5.5 MPH.

Because they are smaller than a traditional swimming pool, Endless Pools make it easier for people with limited space to swim regularly. And because they can be heated to your desired temperature, they are perfect for year-round exercise and relaxation.


Fastlane is a collection of tools that help build and distribute mobile apps. It Treadmill Pools has a set of actions out of the box that are useful for engineering teams (match, pilot, cert, sigh, appium, xctool, supply) as well as plugins for third-party integrations such as HockeyApp and Crashlytics. These are grouped together into lanes, which run sequentially to achieve the same result.

With a small team, Mclaren wanted engineers to spend their time coding and designing product features rather than thinking about deployment processes. To support their agile workflow, they chose to implement CircleCI and Bright Security for application and API testing.


If you want to get a little exercise in, without having to drive and book a lane at the gym, a Hydropool Swim Spa is perfect for you. They have plenty of room for swimming, aqua fit and even a little relaxation. Their models are all designed to look beautiful in the backyard.

Hydropool Swim Spas feature the EZ Aquazure Mineral Watercare System and their own self-cleaning technology. This is a dual-action filtration system that includes a patented surface skimmer and a floor vacuum at the bottom of the swim spa to remove dirt, leaves, debris and other waste from your hot tub or swim spa multiple times throughout the day. The EZ Aquazure also helps to reduce the bacteria and algae that can form in your spa.

The hygienic benefits of using a Swim Spa include the fact that it is non-weight bearing and buoyancy prevents joint stress, yet still provides great cardiovascular and muscle toning results. This type of low impact exercise can help build strength and flexibility, improve circulation, increase your metabolism and flush toxins from the body.

Both Jacuzzi and Hydropool have different collections of their swim spas, ranging from the Executive collection to the Aquatic line. You can choose a model that is more focused on relaxing or one that will be used as an aquatic workout center and family fun zone.