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Top 5 Phone Case Brands

A phone case is a stylish way to add a little bit of flare to your mobile device. They’re also useful for keeping your phone protected from bumps and scrapes.

There are plenty of different types and brands to choose from. But before you buy, it’s important to know what you want from a phone case.


RedBubble is a print-on-demand (POD) marketplace where thousands of independent designers and artists sell their products. The company ships the printed products to customers on demand, and they pay the designers a royalty for every product sold.

The site offers a variety of print-on-demand products, including blankets, home and living items, and accessories like backpacks. These items can be customized by the designer, who can upload different photos, paintings, drawings, and more to make them unique.

To get started with Redbubble, you’ll need to create a free account. Once you’re logged in, you can begin designing and selling your products.

You can use your own graphics for your products, but you’ll need to have high-resolution files. You can also buy a scanner to digitize your designs and convert them to an image file that will be suitable for printing. You can also outsource the work to a local printer, but this may take some time and money.

Having a good design and good photos is key to making sales on Redbubble. The best designers have a strong understanding of their target audience and know which types of designs will attract them the most.

Another key strategy is to create collections around your designs, which will help you to promote them better. It also helps customers find similar designs that they might like.

The site also has a great customer support team. They are available to answer your questions via email or phone and can respond within 4 hours. They can also help you to fix a problem with your order, such as a damaged or missing product.

Finally, they offer a great return policy for most items. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund within 90 days.

Redbubble offers a range of shipping options, including free shipping, which is particularly popular with buyers in the US and Canada. However, some items may have higher shipping costs than others. In addition, international buyers may need to pay customs fees for their orders, depending on their destination. In these cases, Redbubble offers a refund for customs fees, which can be very helpful.


When it comes to a stylish and durable phone case, Burga has you covered. Its cases come in a wide range of colors, designs and materials, and are also affordable. Plus, they have a lifetime warranty so you can rest easy knowing your smartphone is safe.

Founded in 2016, this Lithuanian e-commerce company has been growing its site traffic steadily since its launch. Using subtle but mighty content strategies, they’re constantly generating new visitors while simultaneously building brand awareness and trust.

As a result, they’ve been able to build a solid portfolio of popular keywords in the tech space and have begun to attract media attention by producing research articles about industry trends. Their most recent article, titled “Apple’s global smartphone market share surges Leather Phone Case 20% YoY leaving competitors behind,” was picked up by several news outlets internationally within two days of being published.

For the past year, Burga has been experimenting with research-driven content as a part of their larger content strategy. By targeting relevant keyword phrases, they’ve been able to gain first page rankings for searches that include the term “airpods” and are now the second result on Google for the term “why are my airpods flashing red,” which is now a highly searched search phrase.

In addition to researching new and emerging trends in the tech space, they’re also creating content that educates their users. For example, their blog posts that focus on AirPods are a great resource for anyone looking to get more out of their headphones.

They have also crafted content that is specific to their customers, enabling them to build a relationship with them as they navigate the world of technology. This includes providing product reviews and tips on how to use their products effectively.

Another unique feature of the website is that it detects the model of the phone you’re using and displays only cases and products that are relevant to that device. This ensures that users don’t have to search for the right case or product they need, which can save them time and effort.

The Burga TOUGH case is a little different from their snap cases because it features two layers, one black silicone and then a tough casing on the outside. It’s more of a protective phone case than a snap case, and it’s also MagSafe compatible. However, it’s not as slim as a snap case, so it might not be as attractive or stylish on your phone.


Founded in 1998, Otterbox makes extra-durable cases for smartphones and Leather Phone Case tablets. The company also offers power banks, chargers, and other accessories. As of 2020, it’s focusing on sustainability.

The company’s flagship case series, Defender, is designed to protect your phone against drops, dust, lint, and clogging of jack ports, as well as abrasions from rough surfaces. It features a three-layer design that works together to provide 360-degree protection against the most common hazards.

A synthetic rubber slipcover on the outside absorbs impacts and disperses shock to minimize damage before it transmits them to a polycarbonate shell inside the case. This helps ensure your device is safe and secure no matter what.

In travel mode, the “back” of the case snaps over the touch screen to provide even more protection. If you don’t plan on using this feature, simply remove it to use your device.

While Otterbox’s Commuter Series isn’t the best-looking or most functional case on the market, it does offer a lot of protection. Its DROP+ 3X rating means it can survive a drop of up to three times its weight, and its bezel and corner guards help keep the display safe from scratches and scrapes.

As an added bonus, it also has a built-in kickstand. This can make it easy to watch videos or FaceTime calls when you’re on the go.

The Defender Series comes in several colors and designs, based on your device model. Some options include black, navy blue, and a deep lilac called Purple Nebula.

Other options, like the Defender Pro, are a little thicker and heavier. These are ideal for people who work in dirty or abusive environments.

Another option, the Commuter, is a little more thin and lightweight than the Defender, but it doesn’t have as much protection. The Commuter is also less eco-friendly than other Otterbox options because it’s made from 50% recycled material.

Otterbox has a 7-year warranty on its cases, and some of them also come with antimicrobial technology. The latter uses silver additives to protect the case from microbial growth forming, which is a common issue with some plastics.


Casetify is one of the world’s largest accessory brands, specializing in custom phone cases. The company has a wide selection of protective cases and offers celebrity-inspired designs. They also have a line of compostable cases that are made from a blend of plant-derived biopolymers, starch, and bamboo.

The brand sells iPhone cases, Apple watch bands, and accessories for other tech gadgets. Their products range from simple snap-on styles to MagSafe Ultra Impact cases that are designed for maximum protection. The company’s signature qitechTM material is used to make these cases. They are drop-tested to 6.6 feet and offer military-grade protection.

Customers can design their own cases using a variety of templates and images, or use their own photos. The company also makes it easy to earn royalties from sales. They have a wide array of designs and styles, including sequin, mirror, print, marble-look, faux “vegan” leather, and more.

Personalized phone cases are a great way to showcase your style. They’re fun and unique, and they help protect your device from everyday wear and tear.

These cases are durable and last a long time, so they’re worth investing in. They’re also very lightweight and don’t add much bulk to your phone.

They also have several protective options that include a double-layer construction and raised bezels around the screen and camera. These cases are also backed by a warranty and are easy to install.

The company is headquartered in Hong Kong but has a global following. Its Instagram reflects this, and many celebrities have been seen using its products.

CASETiFY aims to be the world’s fastest growing global tech accessories brand. They believe that everyone has an unlimited amount of creativity waiting to be unleashed, and they’ve created a platform to empower self-expression.

Their social design platform turns Instagram, Facebook, and personal photos into custom phone cases. They’ve also developed an app that allows users to pay for their orders with a single touch, share their designs, and even check out on the go.

CASETiFY is an innovative, millennial-focused, and environmentally conscious company that is committed to supporting artists around the world. The company is very active and does a lot for their customers, which helps to build trust. They create and sell a wide range of products, allow for customization, work with people and other brands, utilize social media, and are activists.