Top 5 Arcade Shooting Game Machines

If you are looking for a new way to entice people into your bar, pub or shopping centre, consider putting up a Shooting Game Machine. They are a great way to get people interested in your establishment and will help you pull in new customers year after year.

Our selection of Shooting Game Machines include popular titles such as Point Blank and Time Crisis. They also offer a wide range of features that will appeal to everyone!

Point Blank Arcade Machine

Originally released in 1994 for the arcade, Point Blank was a light gun shooter game that had a non violent approach. It is unique in that it doesn’t involve shooting at bad guys; instead it uses a series of minigames to reach the end of the level.

Featuring a fantastic variety of missions and levels for players of all ages to enjoy, Point Blank Arcade Machine also features mascots Dr Dan and Dr Don as they appear throughout the stages. Designed for players of all ages this two player video redemption machine is ticket redemption compatible, has a 42 inch high definition LCD screen to display the smooth and clear picture quality, and a gun controller that is compatible with Time Crisis 5.

With an array of challenges requiring response, speed and accuracy, Point Blank Arcade Machine will test your ability to quickly shoot the correct targets in a row to score high points. Challenges are chosen at random from a bank of thousands, and include everything from a catacomb to owls falling down a waterfall, and even trying to tap the highest value playing card from a row of five.

Like all of the previous Point Blank games, the DS version has some great challenges. Some are tougher than the original, and others are more complicated in nature – one stage has you aiming for weakpoint targets in a train, while another involves protecting a mascot from flying vultures.

Time Crisis II Twin Arcade Machine

When it first came out in arcades, Time Crisis II was a true sensation with its action-packed gameplay, revolutionary “Action Pedal” feature and blistering action. The game’s innovative mechanic of letting up on the pedal to hide and reload while pressing it to shoot, combined with a countdown timer, made it an instant hit on both sides of the Pacific.

It also had a host of different locations and set pieces that provided a range of challenges for the player to overcome. Some levels saw barrels being thrown down hills in your direction, others a tanker behind your enemies that you needed to explode before your opponents did.

Another interesting aspect of this arcade title was that it had a variety of weapons including a Browning M3 heavy machine gun, M249-E1 SAW with limitless ammo and a Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser shotgun. This was an impressive weapon arsenal, and it was a great way for players to reload their guns as they cleared a level without having to pause the action.

Despite being quite repetitive, this arcade shooter has some fun minigames and is a great game to play with friends. The only problem is that it doesn’t last too long and the action does start to wear thin after repeated plays.

In addition to the main Time Crisis II gameplay, Namco included three other light-gun games in the package: Agent Trainer, Quick & Crash and Shoot Away 2. These are pretty basic games but they do prove to be a novel diversion from the main game.

Rambo DX Arcade Machine

Rambo DX Arcade Machine is a shooting game that follows the story of the popular movie franchise and combines all the action from Shooting Game Machine the Rambo movies, First Blood Part 2 and 3. You’ll be able to fire your machine gun as well as bows and arrows in this arcade title, which has an awesome Rage gauge that fills up whenever you kill enemies or defeat them.

It’s also a high-octane shooter that uses a variety of guns, helicopters and tanks. It’s a very fun and thrilling game that will definitely attract players from across the room, time and time again.

One of Sly Stallone’s most famous creations, this Sega machine combines all the action from the Rambo movie series into an awesome shooter that will make you feel like you’re right there with him. You’ll be able to fire your weapon as well as use bows and arrows in this high-octane game that will definitely get you sweaty.

As a side note, the title screen on this machine is also a pretty neat one. While it’s certainly not as slick as the Spectrum version, it’s still more than decent enough to impress.

Another cool thing about this deluxe machine is that it also features a 62 inch monitor, which is an impressive display size for any arcade cabinet. It also features a large Rambo marquee that’s sure to grab attention, so you can be sure to see this machine being played for a long time!

Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition

If you’re a fan of the Japanese idol group AKB48 then you’ll want to play Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition. It’s a light gun game that stars the band and lets you play as one of the members who’ve been turned into zombies.

The main objective of the game is to shoot the other members who have been turned into zombies or inject them with an antidote, as well as fight Big Bad Bosses. As you progress, the zombie schoolgirls turn into dancers and perform to AKB48 songs.

It’s a strange title that has some interesting elements. First of all, the zombies have 3-D faces based on the real-life AKB48 members, which makes them look pretty cool.

Another thing that stands out about this game is that you can choose to play as a single member of the group, like Yuko Oshima or Mayu Watanabe. In addition, the game will have a music part where you can dance and play a rhythm game on 4 AKB48 songs.

The game was presented by Bandai Namco at JAEPO 2014 and is slated for release in April. The shooter is played in a theatre cabinet and the player must shoot the members of the AKB48 group who have been transformed into zombies wearing their school uniforms. It also has a musical part where the players can dance and play a rhythm game on four AKB48 songs.

Captain Black Arcade Machine

If you’re a fan of the Marvel comic book series Captain America and Black Panther, you’ll love this Shooting Game Machine. It’s a high-end gaming device that will keep you busy and entertained for hours on end!

Captain Black is the head of Section 13, a government organization that works against supernatural threats. Despite his age (he’s 41 in the show), he has excellent leadership skills, allowing him to lead his troops successfully against formidable foes like Shendu. He also has a knack for hand-to-hand combat, using the most basic of strikes and blocks.

He’s even shown to be fairly competent with Talisman magic, though not nearly as good as Jackie’s. During the events of Season 6, he enlisted the help of his old partner, Jackie, to get rid of Shendu. He later helped Finn, Chow and Ratso in The Good Guys, putting an end to Tohru’s criminal career before it got too out of hand.

This is one of the most impressive shooting galleries you’ll find on any floor, sporting all the elements of a great amusement park game while packing them into a compact package. It has 14 interactive targets, some snazzy digital features and an attract mode to boot! The best part is that it’s a surefire money maker for your amusement facility! It’s a great addition to any space, whether you’re a small or large operation.

Dream Blasters Arcade Machine

Dream Blasters is a Shooting Game Machine that uses turret-based light guns to simulate a one- or two-person dream experience. It was developed for Sega RingWide arcade hardware and features a 55-inch screen that presents sumptuous graphics in 720p HD. It also features a large, two-person seat that tilts and moves with the on-screen action, along with fans to simulate windblast.

The game allows players to ride dragons, fly UFOs, put on horses and even pilot super suits. Its crosshair system helps line up killer shots, while it’s easy to pick out enemies from the distance with its acoustic and visual cues.

Its gameplay is based on a simple set Shooting Game Machine of rules: hit enemies to kill them, but don’t let them hit you or the screen will decrease your life gauge. You can also “hit” non-collectible objects that appear in the Dream World, such as magic arches or saucer fleets, to gain points and get higher scores.

This game has some very fun challenges, ranging from simple obstacles like crates and barrels to more complex puzzles. There are also a few unique twists on classic gameplay, such as power-ups that emulate Kuribo’s Shoe from Mario, and stages that treat blast barrels in a similar way to Donkey Kong Country.

It’s easy to see why this game is a popular choice for Dreamcast gamers. The Mad Catz Dream Blaster is a high-quality primary gun that has some very useful extra features that can make all the difference in some games.