The 12inch LED Light Bar

Light bars are a common form of emergency lighting. They are typically used by law enforcement vehicles to help divert traffic and announce stops.

They are powered by the vehicle’s power supply, making them plug and play. They are also designed for off-road use.

Generally, they feature a linear circuit allowing for cathodes and anodes to follow a chronological path lengthwise along the bar. This helps minimize potential failure points in the system.

Product Description

The 12inch led light bar is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles and equipment, including golf carts, zero turn mowers, trailers, bulldozers, excavators, snowplows, harvesters, rescue vehicles and more. It is battery operated, so it can be installed in places where an outlet may not be available. It also comes with a timer that allows you to set it to turn off after 1 minute, 5 minutes or 15 minutes.

The durable, heavy-gauge aluminum housing is paintable to match your vehicle’s aesthetic and offers a sleek look that won’t rust or mark easily. It’s also odorless and non-toxic, making it safe to touch even in high-heat conditions. The polycarbonate lens is also strong enough to resist impact damage and UV fading.

With its powerful CREE LEDs, this light bar has the potential to illuminate a wide area of your ride, reducing blind spots and allowing you to spot obstacles in advance. It also uses less electricity than traditional HID lights, so you’ll be able to stay out longer on the trails without worrying about draining your battery.

Product Specifications

The Stage Series is a high-intensity LED light bar built for performance, reliability and durability. It is available in cool white or amber and includes a remote on/off switch. The integrated cooling fins help to disperse heat and the die-cast aluminum housing is IP67 waterproof. The housing is powder coated with AkzoNobel for added protection against corrosion and harsh environments.

Using advanced LED chips and our patent pending optics, the Stage Series has far greater intensity 12inch led light bar than other standard light bars. The optics collect all of the light from the LED and direct it only where you need it, eliminating wasted light and glare. This design is also much more compact than other dual-row lights, making them easier to mount in tight spaces.

A sleek black panel design with a flat surface offers jaw-dropping good looks and blends well with other black accents such as grilles, wheels, bull bars or steps on your truck or Jeep. The CREE LEDs produce a powerful 4800 lumen output with 60 watts of power. The bar also comes equipped with a mountable on/off switch, included mounting brackets, wiring harness, snap-on cover and our 3 Year Warranty!

This 12 inch LED light bar can be used as a warning lights or fog lights. The spot and flood combo beam design provides widespread illumination and long-distance visibility for a safer driving experience. The high-intensity OSRAM P8+KW3 LED chips and the central extra large projector create a strong concentrated spot beam to reduce blind spots on the road.

Product Options

This LED light bar is available in several different color options. Each segment has a dual-wall seal for additional water resistance and allows you to easily replace the outer lens for different beam patterns 12inch led light bar and colors. The cathode points vertically into the bulb and the anode points horizontally, making it easy to wire up using off-the-shelf Deutsch connectors or one of the optional Diode Dynamics wire harnesses.

This LiteBar is line voltage, self driven and dimmable to 10% for decorative or functional lighting applications including cove lighting, wall washing, kitchen and under cabinet lighting and mood enhancing highlighting. The patent pending integrated connector allows the lights to be linked in continuous runs up to 40′ long.

These single-row LED lights provide a massive amount of illumination in a sleek, modern housing. They come complete with an adjustable base mount and a set of end mounts, giving you multiple mounting options so you can position them exactly where you want them. Their black panel design offers jaw-dropping good looks that blend well with other black accents like grilles, wheels, bull bars or steps.

Featuring high-intensity OSRAM P8+KW3 LED chips, this spot/flood combo beam delivers increased lighting coverage and distance for improved visibility. It’s ideal for off-road driving and reduces blind spots by illuminating objects ahead of you. This durable light bar is shock and vibration proof, allowing it to endure the toughest environments on your off-road journeys.

Product Warranty

No matter whether you’re a law enforcement officer who drives at night or simply interested in safety measures for your truck driving, a powerfully attention-grabbing light bar is a wise investment. However, not all light bars are created equal and half-measures won’t cut it when you need to be seen in an emergency.

That’s why it’s important to learn as much as possible about your options before deciding on which light bar to purchase. This will help you avoid falling prey to overblown and inaccurate claims made by less-than-reputable suppliers.

One key consideration when selecting a light bar is its durability and reliability. This is especially important when a vehicle’s lights are used in dangerous situations or for work applications. A durable, die-cast aluminum housing and non-yellowing polycarbonate lens offer optimum protection against damage from impact or road debris. The electronic components are sealed in epoxy for additional protection against corrosion and moisture.

These features ensure that your LED light bar will deliver a consistent, reliable performance season after season, year after year. They’re also engineered to minimize potential failure points by using PCB assemblies instead of individual wires and connectors, reducing repair times and eliminating the costly headaches that can occur when components fail.