seesaw playground equipment

Seesaw – A Classic Piece of Playground Equipment

A seesaw, or teeter totter, is a classic piece of playground equipment that offers a great deal of fun for kids. The up-and-down movement helps kids learn balancing and cooperation.

Although fulcrum seesaws are generally not recommended for preschoolers, spring-centered seesaws can be used safely by young children. However, both kids must cooperate to make the equipment work.


Seesaws are a great way for kids to develop balance and coordination. They also promote social interaction and teamwork between two friends or even a parent and child. The up-and-down motion of the teeter-totter also provides sensory stimulation, which can help to calm children and improve their overall awareness. The seesaw is also a fun way to teach children about physics and how different weights can affect the movement of the equipment.

Despite the obvious benefits of this playground equipment, there are some safety concerns that need to be taken into account. First, make sure that the seesaw is not too close to other equipment and that it is on a soft surface. Secondly, instruct kids to always hold on tightly to the holders and not touch the ground or push off with their hands. They should also keep their feet to the sides and away from underneath the seat. Finally, the seesaw should be positioned so that it is easily visible to the people in front of it and not placed where it will interfere with other play.

Ensure that the seesaw is mounted over a soft surface like foam or wood chips. Ideally, the ground should be slightly sloped to provide a cushioned landing for kids. Also, avoid placing water bottles and food within reach of the equipment as it may cause accidents.


The seesaw is a playground equipment that has entertained children for generations. Also known as a teeter-totter or teeterboard, it consists of two long planks supported by a single point that is at the midpoint between both ends. When one end goes up, the other side comes down. A range of different styles and designs are available to suit a variety of playground layouts.

The rocking up-and-down motion of the seesaw provides sensory stimulation and helps to develop balance, coordination, and motor skills. The movement also teaches cooperation and social interaction since two kids must play together to make the equipment function properly. seesaw playground equipment This makes playground seesaws a classic part of any park or school yard.

Some of the most innovative seesaws are designed to be used by multiple kids at once. These are called spring-centered seesaws and can accommodate up to five kids. They are safer and easier to use than simple fulcrum seesaws but still have some safety hazards. Make sure that your playground complies with all the safety regulations for spring-centered seesaws.

For a fun and unique playground installation, architects at the Rael San Fratello firm inserted bright pink seesaws between metal slats of the border fence that runs from El Paso, Texas to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. The seesaws are powered by a motor that creates a beautiful cacophony as they teeter and hit the ground.


If you are investing in playground equipment for your school, park or commercial property, durability is a crucial factor. You need your equipment to last for many years of use, especially in outdoor spaces that will be exposed to harsh weather and other elements. Durable playground equipment can also require less maintenance, saving you money in the long run.

Choose durable, weather-resistant materials like metal or wood for your playground components. These materials are sturdy and designed to hold up against frequent use by kids of all ages. They are also less likely to rust and can stand up to the elements, including harsh winters and summers.

The best way to determine which types of seesaws are the right fit for your school or community is to ask an experienced playground provider. A good provider will be able to offer a wide variety of structure designs and customization options, as seesaw playground equipment well as financing partners that can help you make your purchase now and pay later.

When choosing a children’s seesaw for your playground, make sure it has a comfortable seat that can support 2 children at a time. Also, be sure the design is compatible with all playground regulations for your location. The right type of seesaw will help your kids develop their balance, motor skills and coordination while having fun.


Seesaws are an important feature of playgrounds, providing both physical and mental stimulation for children. The rocking up-and-down motion challenges children’s balance and coordination, as well as encourages social interaction and cooperation. It can be used by all ages and abilities, including those with disabilities, making it a popular choice for public playgrounds.

To keep your playground equipment in good condition, it’s important to follow regular maintenance procedures. This will help prevent injuries and keep it looking its best. This includes cleaning, disinfecting and repairing any issues that arise. It’s also important to make sure your playground equipment is up to code and complies with safety standards.

A fulcrum is one of the most dangerous parts of a seesaw, and it’s important to regularly check your equipment for this issue. Inspectors will look for cracks, holes, rust or other signs of wear and tear on any part of the equipment. They’ll also test surfacing to ensure it’s deep enough for equipment fall heights and that there are no other issues, such as mold or mildew.

Other things that inspectors will check include a) surface conditions b) handhold and stepping components c) moving components and d) fasteners and other hardware. Depending on the type of equipment, some components may require more frequent inspections than others. For example, wood structures will need to be inspected for more issues than plastic ones.