Scene Lights For Large Areas of Illumination

When you’re responding to a fire scene or any other situation where large areas need to be illuminated, you need scene lights. These lights spray a bright white light that makes everything clear and visible so you don’t miss anything.

LED scene lights typically operate on AC or DC voltage. They produce more light with less energy per lumen than halogen fixtures.

Streamlight 45670

The Streamlight 45670 is a compact light that packs a punch when it comes to area lighting. It has six C4 LED lights that have three modes, and it produces a surprisingly bright 5,300 lumens.

The lights are paired with an extendable pole that can be deployed in less than 30 seconds, and the device is easily stowed away when it’s time to move on to the next job. It has a balanced design, and the legs help keep it upright on uneven surfaces.

It also features a clever swivel head that allows for optimum peripheral illumination. The device is powered scene lights by a heavy-duty lead acid battery that can be recharged up to 500 times, or run off AC/DC power for indefinite runtime.

There are plenty of other features to check out, like the battery level indicator, and a selectable diffuser with two beam widths. The most impressive part about the light is that it is actually portable.

Unlike other flashlights, this one has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to take with you on the go. It is also weatherproof and can withstand up to 30 minutes in water.

As you might expect, it’s a great choice for firefighter, EMT, and utility personnel. It also comes in handy for any home improvement or maintenance jobs you may need to do at night.

The 45670’s other notable feature is that it has three user-selectable outputs. The highest rated output shines a super-bright 5,300 lumens on the High setting. This is more than enough light for most emergency situations, and the swivel head allows for optimum peripheral illumination.

It also boasts a 72-inch extension pole that can be twisted to avoid snags and tangling. It has an IP67 rating and is dust-tight to a 1 meter depth for 30 minutes. The best part about the Streamlight is that it can be used to illuminate anything from wide open spaces to tight confined areas. The Streamlight 45670 is definitely the best lighting tool you can own for your home or work space.

FoxFury Nomad Transformer

Whether you’re in need of a spot light for a particular job, floodlight for a temporary shelter or a 360 degree scene light to help you navigate an accident, crime scene or special event, the FoxFury Nomad Transformer has the tools to get the job done. Their rechargeable, cordless design means they’re quiet, portable and provide up to 24 hours of illumination.

They also come in 3 pieces for easy carry and storage, and a quick connect feature allows you to connect the light head and battery to your tripodscope in around 60 seconds. Every Nomad is equipped with a battery level indicator that changes color as the batteries drain, so you can always know how much light you have left.

The Nomad Transformer is our brightest and tallest scene light for large scale events where portability, maximum power and silent operation are key. It extends up to 12.9 ft (3.9 m) to deliver up to 16,000 lumens of powerful lighting.

It can operate as a spotlight, floodlight or 360 deg scene light with a run time of up to 24 hours. It can be operated by the included AC/DC adaptor, or a separate Transformer power pack (sold separately) can be used to increase run time.

This fully submersible, powerful tripod light is designed to thrive in the summer desert heat, heavy rain, the cold of a snow storm and everything in between. It has an all-weather, rechargeable battery system that can survive extreme weather conditions.

You can use it on a safety helmet, on a ball cap scene lights or directly on your forehead to deliver hands-free illumination in all weather conditions. It delivers up to 200 lumens of panoramic light and features a high-visibility red LED taillight that helps you be seen by others, too.

The Nomad Transformer comes in a field kit that includes both the light and Discover Tilt White LED Headlamp / Helmet Light. The Discover is a professional grade headlamp that provides hands-free illumination and spot or flood lighting at all times. It is designed for use on fire fighter helmets, hard hats and other safety helmets, on a ball cap or directly on the forehead. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and has a front light bar that evenly distributes the weight of the light from side to side and front to back, so it doesn’t tilt forward or sideways.

Revel Scout

The Revel Scout is a top-of-the-line light that can be used to illuminate any number of scenes, indoors or out. Providing 14,000 lumens in the standard sized package, it is an all-in-one, self contained powerhouse that offers up to 24 hours of run time on the included rechargeable battery. Featuring an integrated spike, strap and a variety of mounting options, the Scout can be slung on a shoulder or attached to a gear bag for quick deployment during a fire, flood or other emergency event. Its best-in-class performance is further enhanced by its ability to be paired with other Revel products for the ultimate in firefighter safety and productivity.

The Revel Scout is the most impressive of the bunch, and it’s a wonder they haven’t slapped together a b-to-b product to match their stellar offerings. Designed to increase safety on the job and to enhance your overall experience in and around the field, the Revel Scout is worth the extra coin. Its patented LED lighting system is capable of delivering the aforementioned luminous orb, and it comes with an exemplary array of features and functions that include a nifty display displaying important operational and diagnostic information to help you better assess a situation and make faster decisions.

Fire Research Corporation

With four decades in emergency lighting, Fire Research Corporation (FRC) is one of Command Light’s preferred lighting partners, delivering LEDs and quartz halogen fixtures for our light towers. Depending on fixture, FRC delivers up to 28,000 lumens per fixture.

During an incident, firefighters and EMS responders require quick and effective scene illumination to assess the situation and identify potential hazards, both of which are important to protecting crews and the people involved in an event. In addition to meeting NFPA requirements, scene lights must meet a fire department’s needs for power availability and budget.

FRC scene lights are available in multiple styles of lampheads, fixtures and mounting options. All scene lights are designed to maximize coverage of the area around a fire apparatus while providing high intensity and efficient performance.

A new innovation from FRC is the Spectra LED scene light that delivers both flood and spot light patterns using three rows of LEDs. The top and bottom row are designed as flood lights to illuminate the work area while the middle row has focused spot LEDs to deliver long distance lighting. The unique Spectra lens design and LED configuration gives firefighters the widest light pattern, as well as powerful long range beam for improved scene visibility.

FRC has been designing and manufacturing safety equipment, controls, instrument displays, scene lights, and station accessories since 1968 to promote a safer working environment for fire departments and their employees. In the past few years, FRC has introduced a variety of innovative products, including electronic automated engine governors and modern video and recording technology.