Roll Forming Machine For Metal Floor Decking

Metal floor deck, also known as steel deck, is a type of structural product. It is usually attached to steel joists or beams in order to support concrete or an insulation membrane.

A floor decking roll forming machine is used to fabricate specific configurations from long strips of metal, typically coiled steel. This equipment helps manufacturers save time and reduce the amount of manual labor needed to produce complex parts.

HG series forming machine

The HG series is an industrial machine that can be used to form sheet metal for a variety of projects. The machine can perform all functions that are needed for thermoforming, including feeding, heating, forming, cooling, trimming, and cutting. It is a multi-purpose machine that can save time and money, as it reduces the need for manual labor. The HG machine uses double heaters to heat the plastic sheet and is capable of producing negative molds as well as positive molds. The forming process is controlled by an electronic controller, which ensures accurate and efficient results.

The AMADA HG 1303 hydraulic press brake has a bending force (tonnage) of up to 146 tons, allowing it to bend, shape, and mold a wide range of materials. It is designed with a dual servo drive system to floor decking roll forming machine provide the highest level of bending accuracy. It also includes a user-friendly control panel with an intuitive interface to simplify operation and allow fabricators to easily program even the most complex parts.

Its circular-arc groove and structure optimization design ensure that the HG series linear guideway has equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial, and lateral directions. In addition, it is self-aligning to absorb installation errors and maintain dimensional tolerance.

The HG series is an advanced forming machine that can produce high-quality, cost-effective products for the automotive industry. It can cut and trim automotive thermoformed B-pillars 24 hours a day and is able to achieve an average bending radius of less than 0.25 mm. Its advanced features include a fast bending spend, active hydraulic crowning, and an active angle measuring system.

HG series roof deck forming machine

Roof deck is a cold-formed corrugated steel sheet that is used as the structural component of many roof and floor systems. It provides a strong load-carrying capability while reducing material, handling, and erection costs. This product is a cost-effective building solution for architects, engineers, and builders alike. It is used in many different construction applications because of its high strength-to-weight ratio.

Steel floor decking is a modern, pre-eminent method of concrete floor construction. It is the most popular choice among metal floor deck manufacturers in the industry. Usually, it is designed and optimized by a computer, making the manufacturing process more efficient and economical. This is particularly important for large or multi-story structures, where floor space is limited.

Metal floor decking offers several benefits over other flooring materials, including the ability to achieve long spans. It also allows for lower floor depths, allowing designers to maximize ceiling height and reduce story heights. It is also non-combustible and fire-resistant, reducing the risk of property damage and saving on insurance costs.

A quality roof decking roll forming machine can produce a variety of thicknesses and lengths for a wide range of projects. Its free spinning forming roller minimizes the potential for oil canning in standing seam panels, and it has an advanced design that allows for quick tool change. The system also provides easy operation and requires minimal maintenance.

HG series floor deck forming machine

Floor decking offers structural engineers and contractors a versatile, cost-effective steel floor construction solution. It is a popular choice for building projects because it reduces the amount of concrete required, saves weight and money in reinforcement steel, and cuts construction time. Its versatility and strength also make it ideal for a wide variety of construction applications, such as office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, industrial sheds, and car parks.

HG series floor deck forming machine is a full-automatic machine that produces metal floor plate. Its cassette-type platform and stable base ensure it has high production output. It is available in a range of specification choices and has a fast production speed of 20m/min. It can also produce dovetail joint floor deck.

The floor decking roll forming machine is equipped with a metal uncoiler and coil sheet equipment, a post-cutting system, a control station, and a supporter table. Its design is computer-optimized and features a big wavelength, making it a highly durable product.

HG series roof & wall cladding forming machine

Steel floor decking is a cold-formed metal sheet that supports the concrete of a building floor. Its design and construction magnify the properties of steel to create a high strength-to-weight ratio that reduces material, handling, and erection costs. It also provides a strong, long-lasting surface for joists and other structural members to connect to.

A floor decking machine can produce a variety of profiles. These can be custom designed for each project. It includes a coil feed, an electric entry shearing with 0.75KW motor power, a roll forming part including embossing tools, a transmission system, a hydraulic system, and a PLC control cabinet. The machine can be used to manufacture floor decks, purlins, and other types of metal building components.

These machines can also produce wall cladding. They are available in several different styles and sizes, making them versatile and cost-effective for many applications. They can be used in a wide range of buildings, including office and industrial structures, schools, sports facilities, and other nonresidential applications. These steel wall cladding panels are also suitable for renovations of existing buildings.

HG series roof & wall cladding forming machines are designed for easy operation and maintenance. They can be operated by one person and can accommodate a wide variety of steel profile shapes and thicknesses. The forming process can floor decking roll forming machine be controlled from a remote location by using a touch-screen monitor. This makes it possible for the operator to keep an eye on production from anywhere in the factory.

In addition to a full line of metal floor deck, the company offers a complete range of other metal roofing and wall cladding products. These products include steel purlins, roof and wall panel systems, guard rails, and light-weight steel frames.

The HG series of floor decking machines is built for maximum efficiency and high reliability. Its patented ribbed profile and high shear strengths make it a popular choice for architects. It is a great option for high-rise buildings and mid-rise residential construction. The company also offers the Versa-Dek and Dovetail systems, which provide the thinnest total floor depth and allow for long spans without sacrificing ceiling height.