ipad air 4 lcd

Replacing the LCD on Your iPad Air 4

The iPad Air 4 is the newest entry in Apple’s non-pro tablet line. It features a 10.9-inch nearly edge-to-edge display, Touch ID in the power button, and a powerful A14 Bionic processor.

When you notice your screen isn’t responding, has lines, or is shaking, you may need to replace the LCD on your iPad.

LCD Replacement

If your iPad air 4 has a broken screen or the image is not clear or you can’t seem to get the device to turn on, your LCD could be the culprit. Getting the display replaced is a relatively easy process and will get your device back in working order in no time at all.

First, you’ll need to remove the top left and bottom right screws that secure the LCD to the frame of your iPad. Once those are out of the way, you’ll need to use a pair of tweezers and gently peel away the top piece of tape that covers the home button ribbon cable.

Next, flip up the retaining flap on the LCD ribbon cable ZIF connector and slowly remove it from its socket on the logic board. While you are at it, take a look at the digitizer cable which is a similar story.

After removing all of the hardware you’ll need to do a clean install of your new screen. Make sure you follow the directions carefully or you could end up with a cracked or malfunctioning screen again in no time at all.

In the end, you’ll be glad you took the extra time to do a proper job when it comes to replacing your ipad air 4 lcd. With our help you’ll be able to enjoy your tablet like it was brand new again. If you’re not sure where to start, give your local LifeLine Repairs location a call today. They can answer any questions you may have and give you a quote for the best possible solution.

Digitizer Replacement

The digitizer is a piece of glass that allows the user to interact with the screen. This part can get damaged due to dropped devices, or it could be cracked or scratched. Replacing the digitizer on your ipad air 4 will restore the ability to touch the screen again.

To remove the digitizer, you’ll ipad air 4 lcd need to detach the home button ribbon cable. This can be done using a spudger tool and tweezers. After the home button ribbon cable is removed, you’ll need to de-route the digitizer ribbon cable from its sockets on the logic board.

In addition to the home button ribbon cable, you’ll also need to remove the display panel adhesive strips. To make the process easier, this fix kit includes iFixit’s reusable iOpener, which is heated in your microwave to help soften the adhesive on your device.

After applying the iOpener to the front of your iPad Air, you’ll need to use your opening pick to gently release the adhesive securing the display panel. The Wi-Fi antenna is located directly below the pick, so it’s crucial that you’re careful not to damage it when releasing the adhesive.

You’ll need to pull the opening pick out a little so that 1/8″ of it is still gently tucked under the front glass. Carefully slide the tip of the pick along the bottom edge of the display panel, releasing the adhesive securing it to the front glass.

Once the adhesive has been released, you’ll need to use a small phillips screwdriver to gently remove the screws holding the display panel in place. Once the display panel is free, you can begin removing it from the rear housing case.

If you need to replace the lcd on your ipad air 4, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair. We’ll be able to quickly and easily replace your LCD while maintaining the integrity of your ipad air 4. Our knowledgeable technicians will take care of your lcd replacement for you!

Touch Screen Replacement

The touch screen on your ipad air 4 is the part that responds to your fingertips and helps you navigate the device. When this part is damaged it can result in dead pixels, lines, color distortion or other marks on the screen.

Replacing your iPad’s screen is an affordable and simple fix. This ipad air 4 lcd replacement kit includes all the small parts you need to replace your iPad’s glass ipad air 4 lcd panel. It also comes with iFixit’s reusable iOpener which helps soften the adhesive on the front panel.

To remove the touch screen, begin by removing the four 2 mm Phillips #00 screws that secure the LCD to your iPad. The screws are located on the top and bottom right corners. Next, use a plastic opening tool or spudger to gently lift the right edge of the LCD from the frame of your iPad.

After that, you should be able to remove the left edge of the LCD. This will be the last step of your ipad air 4 lcd repair.

If your ipad air 4 has a Wi-Fi antenna directly attached to the bottom right corner of the rear case, you must take caution as this part is very fragile. The adhesive that holds the Wi-Fi antenna to the rear case is very thick and releasing it incorrectly can damage this sensitive component.

After that, carefully slide the opening pick around the bottom right corner of the iPad to release the adhesive on the front glass. Make sure to work with care and only move the pick as far as 2.25″ from the bottom of your iPad. When you reach that point, do not slide your pick again as it could damage the Wi-Fi antenna.

Battery Replacement

The ipad air 4 lcd is one of the most popular tablet computers ever made. While many people may think that an iPad is simply a phone with an LCD, it’s actually a high-end portable entertainment center packed with features like a powerful dual-core processor and plenty of storage space for all your photos, videos and games. As such, it can be prone to battery problems. A dead battery is a serious problem, and can cause your tablet to behave unpredictably. This is why we recommend you get a replacement battery every three years if possible, or as soon as it starts acting up.

The ipad air 4 lcd uses a lithium-ion polymer battery, also known as LiPo or LIP, which has become the standard for most modern mobile devices. This type of battery is also quite efficient and a lot cheaper to produce than the nickel-cadmium batteries that powered the iPads of yesteryear. In the long run, however, it’s not a good idea to go with a low-quality battery, especially since it will eventually need to be replaced, resulting in a much higher total cost of ownership. Luckily, you can find an affordable battery replacement that will give your tablet a much needed boost in power and longevity.