Moving head light supplier

Moving Head Light Supplier

Moving head lights are a staple in the touring music industry as well as installations in clubs & churches. These LED fixtures are a powerful lighting tool that can be used to create breathtaking light shows.

However, some moving head lights have common problems that may affect their performance. Let’s see what these problems are and how to solve them.


Moving head lights are used to create visually stunning lighting displays in nightclubs, concerts, theater productions, and events. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing lighting professionals to design captivating lighting effects that add dimension and drama to any event or venue. The most popular types of moving head light include LED and lamp-based fixtures. Both offer their own unique benefits and features, and the choice between them depends on the specific needs of the lighting application.

LED-based moving head lights have a longer lifespan than their lamp-based counterparts and consume less power. They also have an instant start-up time, reducing set-up times. They also feature advanced color mixing, allowing them to achieve a wide range of colors with precision. Lamp-based fixtures, on the other hand, offer a more traditional and familiar light source that is still widely used in certain applications.

There are several different types of moving head lights available, including spot and wash fixtures. Spot lights create a concentrated beam of light, while wash fixtures produce a wider, more diffused beam. Both of these types can be used to highlight performers or create special effects such as gobo projections.

In recent years, manufacturers have developed hybrid moving head lights that combine the functionality of a spot and wash fixture into one. These lights typically include a gobo wheel and a colour wheel, with some including a CMY colour wheel too.

Wash Fixture

The wash fixture is one of the most popular types of moving head lights. The fixture itself consists of a series of high-powered LED bulbs that can be controlled by a lighting console for various effects. The attributes that can be controlled by the console include color, shape (edge and gobos), direction and intensity. Some features may also be programmed to move around the stage, which can add a dynamic element to your show.

There are many different brands of moving heads on the market, including Robe Lighting, Elation Professional, Claypaky Moving head light supplier and Vari-Lite. Each manufacturer has their own set of unique qualities, so it’s important to understand the different models and what they offer before making a purchase.

A good place to start is with the wattage of the light. This will help you narrow down your options, as it’s an important factor in the price and functionality of the fixture.

Another important factor is the type of lens. Some lights come with a fixed lens that offers only a limited range of effects, while others have a zoom or prism lens that provides more flexibility.


The lyre moving head light is an excellent choice for your stage lighting, whether you’re organizing concerts or parties. The lyre can be used to project gobos, create impressive wash effects, or illuminate the room with sweeping beams of different colors and sizes. It’s easy to use and lightweight, so it’s the perfect choice for DJs and other professional performers who need a powerful LED projector.

You can control your lyre with a DMX board to change the movement of its LEDs according to the rhythm of the music, creating a personalized and dynamic effect. It’s also possible to connect several lyres in a master / slave configuration, so you can control them all simultaneously. This technique is ideal if you want to organize a concert or an acoustic show, and it’s also a great option for equipping your theater, TV studio, cultural complex, etc.

You can also add a smoke machine to your equipment to enhance the effect of your moving head lights. This is a simple way to make your audience feel more immersed in your performance, and it will help you create an unforgettable experience for everyone in the room.


The control system of a moving head light is an important component. It determines the function of the light, its appearance, and the performance level. The control system of a moving head light consists of three major systems: optics, mechanical, and electrical. These are all interrelated and organically combined to meet the requirements for light, color, gobo, speed, direction, effect, heat dissipation, noise, positioning and others.

The majority of professional stage moving heads use rare gas discharge bulbs as their light sources. The starting and stable operation of these light bulbs depend on the circuit design, power Led wash lights supply, ballast, and other electrical components. It is critical that the difference between the maintenance voltage and instantaneous voltage is large enough for stable bulb operation.

Most moving head lights are controlled by stepper motors, which have both variable reluctance and permanent magnet types. They are capable of delivering high output with very low noise and heat generation. Additionally, they have a long lifespan and are very durable.

Founded in 1992, Elation Professional offers a wide range of LED moving head lighting known for its high-quality optics, sturdy mechanical construction, and cutting-edge technology. Many models feature wireless connectivity and complex control options. Founded in 1985, ADJ provides cost-effective LED moving head lighting that is suitable for smaller venues and mobile DJs. Characteristics include advanced color mixing, pixel mapping capabilities, and a wide array of built-in effects.