magnetic track light

Magnetic Track Light

Magnetic track light is a new type of lighting that offers a variety of benefits over traditional recessed and fixed fixtures. These lighting systems offer a flexible and adaptable design that can be easily installed and modified by DIY enthusiasts.

There are four types of lamps, such as floodlights, grille lights and spotlights to choose from for free combination, allowing you to create the ideal lighting atmosphere for your space. They also come with a variety of circuit options.

Modular Design

Unlike traditional track lighting which requires a professional to install and connect each fixture, magnetic track lights have simple, user-friendly installation. The electrical conductors are embedded in the tracks and the light fixtures are connected to these conductors by magnets, making it easy for you to add or remove a lighting fixture as needed.

This modular design also allows you to change the direction and focus of your lighting, making it ideal for retail spaces and art galleries. It can even be paired with remote controls to make changing the light configuration easier than ever. The circuit options that come with the system give you even more control over your lights, so you can choose between a series connection or a parallel one.

The magnetic track light system has two compatible product series, the standard 39 mm profile offers powerful LED light modules for commercial applications, while the 27 mm SLIM profile provides a more led lights refined look for residential areas. Both profiles can be freely combined with different types and quantities of light fixtures like spots, linear,grille or wallwasher to create the desired effect.

Another important aspect of magnetic track lights is that they have a low voltage design, which means you can use them safely. Unlike regular track lights, which need to be installed with a transformer and are usually dangerous to touch when energized, the low-voltage design of magnetic track lighting makes it safe for use in residential and commercial settings.


One of the major advantages of magnetic track lighting is its adaptability to different requirements. It allows users to modify the light arrangement in a room based on their specific needs and aesthetic preferences, such as by focusing the lights more closely on objects or art pieces. This flexibility can also be used to create different lighting effects, such as creating ambient lighting or highlighting specific areas.

This is possible because the light fixtures on the magnetic track are attached to the energised and magnetised tracks through their own power cords, which can be easily removed and repositioned without any tools. It also makes the installation process easier, as no mechanical latching is required. The track system also provides flexibility in terms of its layout and design, with options to install it as a ceiling version (recessed), surface-mounted or suspended.

Moreover, most magnetic track lighting systems offer dimming options to allow users to adjust the brightness of each light module. This is particularly important in commercial environments, where ambiance is crucial to creating a positive environment for customers. Some models are even capable of being controlled via a smart home hub, such as the Tuya platform, enabling users to set scenes and create personalized lighting atmospheres.

The adaptability of magnetic track lighting is further enhanced by its energy efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings in the long run. The use of LED technology reduces the amount of power needed to illuminate rooms, and the bulbs are able to last longer than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Smart-Home Technology

When combined with smart home technology, magnetic track lighting can magnetic track light be a valuable tool in your design arsenal. This system allows you to control your light fixture with a mobile device, and is compatible with most standard lighting fixtures. This allows you to switch your lights on and off, as well as adjust their luminosity and CCT from a remote location. This system also allows for wireless operation and synchronization with other smart devices, providing a more personalized lighting experience.

In addition, many magnetic track lights offer dimmer capabilities. This allows you to customize your lighting atmosphere and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. This feature is particularly useful for spaces that need to accommodate a variety of activities or moods, such as retail spaces and art galleries.

Choosing the right magnetic track light system for your needs can be an overwhelming process, but there are a few key factors to keep in mind. These include the size of your space, your desired ambiance, energy efficiency, and compatibility with your existing electrical setup. Once you’ve considered these factors, you can choose the right system for your needs.

Energy Efficiency

The track of magnetic track light contains electrical conductors that supply power to each fixture. Magnets embedded in each fixture attach to the conductors to allow for effortless repositioning and customization. This adaptability makes the system ideal for retail spaces, exhibition halls, hotels, clubs and other commercial locations that may require quick changes to the lighting display.

With its low voltage design, the track system is safe to touch and is easy to maintain. It also doesn’t consume a lot of energy, making it an economical choice for your home. The lights only turn on when they are needed, which helps lower your electricity bill and protects the environment.

Each magnetic track light fixture can be moved in and out of the rail with ease, which saves installation time. Additionally, the lamps and lanterns can be freely arranged, so you can choose different combinations depending on your needs. Whether you need to provide accent lighting to highlight objects, general lighting for basic illuminance, or mood lighting to enhance the atmosphere of a room, magnetic track light can do it all.

You can also find dimming options for your track lighting that include 0-10V, DALI and wireless control with 2.4G, Bluetooth, Zigbee or other communication technologies. This allows you to easily customize your lighting system and create the perfect ambience in any space.