LR44 Button Battery

LR44 Button Battery

LR44 button cell batteries are used in a wide variety of applications. They offer excellent storage capacity, high performance and reliability in today’s watches, electronics and digital equipment.

They are also commonly used in calculators, thermometers, electronic toys and small radios, cameras and other low drain hardware. They are available in both alkaline and silver oxide chemistries.

Reliable Power

When choosing a battery, it is important to look for one that has the features you need. This includes a reliable power, long lasting performance, and low self-discharge rates. The LR44 Button Battery is a great choice for many applications because it provides all of these features at a reasonable price.

LR44 batteries are alkaline batteries that come in a standard 11.6 x 5.4 mm size, with a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts. This makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of devices, including watches, flashlights, and other small electronic units.

These batteries are not rechargeable, so they need to be replaced when the battery becomes worn out or if it reaches its end of life. They are also prone to over or under charging, which can lead to battery damage and possibly even fires.

If you want a battery that lasts longer, look for ones with silver oxide chemistry. These are the best option for most applications, because they provide a higher voltage (1.5 V), have a better cut off voltage (1.2 V), and have a much longer shelf life.

However, they are a little more expensive than alkaline alternatives. They also have a lower self-discharge rate, making them more environmentally friendly than alkaline batteries.

You can find LR44 batteries at a wide variety of retailers, from big box stores to local hardware and electronics stores. It is important to buy your batteries from a reputable retailer. This will ensure that you receive a quality product.

It is also important to read the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing a battery, so that you know what you are getting. These specifications can include the dimensions, chemistry, voltage, capacity, and other important factors.

These specifications can help you determine which type of battery is right for your device and the application. Generally, silver oxide batteries are recommended for most devices. They are cheaper, have a longer life span, and are more durable than alkaline batteries.

Lastly, it is important to look for batteries that are safe for your children and pets. LR44 and other similar batteries can be dangerous to swallow, which is why it is important to always keep them away from kids and pets.

Long Lasting

The LR44 Button Battery is an alkaline single-cell button cell that is a popular choice for many devices. These batteries are durable and reliable, even with regular use, and are readily available at a variety of retailers.

These batteries are made by a wide range of manufacturers, including Toshiba, Maxell, and Energizer. Each of these brands has its own chemistry and produces a unique product with different performance characteristics. Depending on the device you are using, it is important to choose the right battery for your needs.

Some types of LR44 Button Batteries have a specific chemistry that makes them suitable for a particular application. This chemistry can vary from one manufacturer to the next, but they are all alkaline-type batteries. These types of batteries are referred to in several variations, such as A76, AG13, G13, and LR1154.

Another type of LR44 Button Battery is a zinc-air battery, which has a lower starting voltage than an alkaline battery and a higher cutoff voltage. This type of battery is used in LR44 Button Battery hearing aids and other sensitive electronics that require long life.

Lithium batteries are more expensive than alkaline ones, but they offer a higher energy density and longer lifespan than those of the LR44 variety. They also have a lower self-discharge rate than alkaline batteries and can be used more frequently for the same duration.

These batteries are a good choice for watches, thermometers, flashlights, and other small devices that require power. They are also available in bulk, so you can stock up on back-ups for your favorite gadgets.

LR44 Button Batteries are typically used in products that need power for short periods of time, such as watches, thermometers, and laser pointers. They are also useful for other small devices that require power for a long time, such as flashlights and radios.

These batteries have a 1.55 volt output and a nominal capacity of 110-130 mAh. They have a shelf life of 2-5 years. You can buy these batteries in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect size for your device. They are also inexpensive, so you can save money by purchasing multiples at a time.


The LR44 battery is an affordable and environmentally friendly type of primary button cell. It is known for its high quality and long life, making it a good option for many devices. It is also easy to dispose of, making it an ideal choice for consumers looking to minimize their environmental impact.

These batteries are often used in devices that require frequent back-up power, such as watches and computer motherboards. In addition, they are also frequently found in handheld devices like gun sights, electronic keys, digital toys, and medical equipment.

This is because LR44 batteries are made with alkaline chemistry, which offers lower costs and a longer lifespan than silver oxide-based batteries. However, these types of batteries can be dangerous for children, so it is important to keep them out of their reach.

Another reason that LR44 batteries are an excellent choice is because they are free of mercury, which can harm the environment. Button cell batteries are not currently permitted for disposal in regular trash, so they should be recycled when possible.

They are also compatible with many different devices, which makes them a good choice for users who frequently change their batteries. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes.

You can find LR44 batteries at most electronics stores and retail outlets. Some of the brands that produce these batteries include Duracell, Energizer, and AG13.

A LR44 is an alkaline 11.6 x 5.4 mm coin battery that has a nominal voltage of 1.5V. These batteries can be disposed of in a household hazardous waste collection event sponsored by your local municipality or solid waste district.

LR44 batteries are the most commonly used alkaline-based button cells in the United States. They are also the most popular type of alkaline battery in Europe.

They have a nominal voltage of 1.5V and weigh 1.95 grams. They are 11.6 x 5.4 mm in size and can be found in almost all devices that use button batteries.

LR44 batteries are an alkaline battery that is a good alternative to silver oxide-based buttons. They are safe for use in most devices, are reusable, and offer a longer life span than silver-based batteries.

Environmentally Friendly

A LR44 button battery is a type of household battery commonly used in devices like remote controls, watches, musical greetings cards and small electronic calculators. It is made of alkaline chemistry and does not contain mercury, cadmium, or lead.

These batteries are made up of one or more lithium, silver oxide, or zinc air cells. They are available in both single-use and rechargeable form, depending on the device that needs it.

Although button cell batteries are often small and easily swallowable, they LR44 Button Battery should be stored out of the reach of young children. This is because they can be dangerous if swallowed, leading to severe health problems and even death in some cases.

Many household batteries end up in landfills or incinerated because of inefficient collection and recycling schemes. During this process, toxic heavy metals from improperly discarded button cells can pollute the environment and pose serious risks to human health.

Button cell batteries, especially those that contain mercury, should never be thrown in the trash. They should be taken to a battery retailer or your local solid waste authority for safe and environmentally-friendly disposal.

Alternatively, if you live in a county with a curbside household hazardous waste program, you can drop off LR44 batteries at the HHW recycling center for free. You can also contact your local solid waste authority for details about other management options.

Another benefit of LR44 batteries is that they are non-toxic, meaning that they do not pose any environmental hazards when disposed of properly. This makes them a great choice for people who want to recycle their unwanted electronics.

As a result, these batteries can be easily recycled at specialized battery recyclers and participating retailers that offer battery takeback services. For more information on a specific battery’s management requirements, contact your local solid waste authority or the manufacturer of your battery.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, LR44 batteries are also long-lasting and easy to dispose of. In fact, these batteries can last for decades when properly cared for and used in their original form. This allows people to save money on replacement batteries and eliminates the need for frequent buying of new ones.