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AS320 lift inverter is a sort of recently created frequency inverter especially for elevators. It is designed with 32-bit MPU for electric motor driving, high efficiency complicated programmable reasoning gadget (CPLD), as well as progressed power module. At the same time, the lift inverter is created based upon international advanced shut loop vector control technology as well as sustains various control settings including V/F control, sensorless vector control, and also torque control settings.

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elevator 7.5 kw VDF inverter converter a/c drive Adjustable High Regularity Converter Inverter. VFD Inverter for Elevator/ Lifts & Escalators 1. Automatic voltage guideline 2. Instantaneous electric motor protection 3. Internal PLC function of frequency inverter 4. Smart specification setting of variable regularity drive 5.

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Guarantee Time : 1 year. Certifications : ISO9001. FUJI elevator inverter FRN11-LM1S-4X01 11KW 380V. High efficiency vector control: 1. Present feedback (ACR): 500Hz. 2. Speed control accuracy: +0.01%. High overload capability: Overload starts from 80% constant operation with a carrier frequency of 10kH …

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Gearless traveler (hgp), variable frequency inverter (vfi) & … Indus lift inverter 12 kva/ 180 vdc. Ethan 200-240 v elevator inverter. Indus lift inverter 15 kva/ 180 vdc. Solitary phase online ups rental service. Indus elevator inverter 8 kva/ 96 vdc. Indus elevator inverter 40 kva/ 360 vdc.

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Lift drive Inverter is a specific tool for lift control.One stop kone, schindler drive Inverter vendor.

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Task service: elevator controller+CHV180 inverter. CHV180 is a specialist motorist for elevator as well as simply created for elevator sector. It not only can regulate the tractor which driven by gear, however also can regulate the tractor which driven without equipment. It superb feature as well as efficiency can quickly matches with elevator control, so it guarantees the safety and also comfortable degree of elevator.

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Queen Lift Inverter NICE-L-C-4015. King 3000+ all-in-one inverter Use for elevator control systems NICE-L-C-4005 NICE-L-C-4007 NICE-L-C-4011 NICE-L-C-4015