Led wash lights

LED Wash Lights

Choosing the right type of wash light is essential to create the effect you want. For general washing or wall grazing you should opt for a wash light, whereas spot lights give more direct control over a smaller area.

LED lighting captures attention, amplifies branding and lays the groundwork for an unforgettable car wash experience. Plus, it dramatically reduces energy and maintenance costs for your business.

DMX Connections

Traditionally wash lights have been restricted to a single colour and changing that required the use of separate filters or gels over the lens. The newest LED units offer a massive leap forward in this area and are capable of producing a wide range of popular colours without any need for additional filters or bulbs.

Depending on how many wash lights moving head beam you’ll need to control, you will either need a decoder with a DMX output or a dimmer pack with a built-in dimmer. The decoder will need to be able to handle the total wattage of all the lights you plan on connecting, so check this before purchasing yours.

With the advent of LED wash lighting, it is now possible to connect multiple fixtures together by simply daisy-chaining them with DMX cables. This can save you both time and space, as well as reducing the risk of any faults or outages in the chain.

If you’re looking for a little more control than the automatic programs built into your wash lights, consider setting one light as a master and the rest as slaves. By doing this, you can have them all running the same program, with each fixture being able to move and change colors at will. This can give a much more professional look to any setup.

Master/Slave Synchronisation

Many of the LED wall washer lights we sell feature DMX connections, which allow you to connect them into a larger lighting rig and use them in master/slave mode. This allows you to synchronise multiple lights so that they perform the same automated/sound-activated patterns at the same time. This is ideal for larger events when you need multiple fixtures to produce a ‘wall of light’ effect.

The way this works is simple; you set one fixture up to perform a certain programme, then connect more fixtures using DMX cables (Light 1 Out to Light 2 In, Light 2 Out to Light 3 In, etc). The first light acts as the’master’ and tells the other fixtures what to do. They all then follow the same pattern, creating a synchronised effect that looks like you spent hours programming it.

For example, the popular Swarm 5 FX is a 3-in-1 LED effect light that combines red and green lasers with white strobe effects and RGBAW rotating derby effects to create an incredible show for any event. It also includes built-in automated and sound-activated programs, a master/slave function and a power link cable to save setup time. It’s easy to store and transport with a carry bag included, too!

Colour Options

A good wash light should be able to produce a wide range of colours. This allows you to create a more dramatic effect by having different lights or specific colours move to the beat of the music and can also be useful for creating social cues such as during speeches or announcements.

The number of LEDs in a fixture, the quality of these and the colour mixing capabilities all affect the number of colours that can be achieved. If you want a large number of colours, then you will need a high-powered LED wash light that offers RGB colour mixing, while if you just want a few select colours then you can choose a less powerful fixture.

Some units also come with additional features such as a blackout option or add-on options like amber LEDs which give you an added punch and help create pastels that wouldn’t be possible via standard RGB colour mixing alone. These are great additions if you have a specific style or theme for your event.

Narrowing down your ideal LED wash light can seem daunting, but Sweetwater has made this process much easier with our convenient filters that let you narrow down the selection based on your brand preference, desired specs, style, and price point. We also have a dedicated lighting experts on hand to answer any questions you may have about our extensive collection of products.


If you want to make sure your LED wash lights produce the right effect, you need to choose ones with a proper beam angle. This is because different patterns and surfaces require a certain angle to Outdoor Wall Washer highlight the right areas of the wall. LEDYi’s LED wash lighting comes with a variety of options to satisfy your requirements.

Among the most popular are Fresnel-based wash lights, which produce a narrow beam of light that softens at the edges. These can be used on curved walls to produce a stunning look or on textured surfaces like stone and brick to highlight their unique features. These are also great for highlighting the details on statues or other sculptural elements in a space.

Another type of wash light is the RGBAW+UV par can, which offers a wide range of color options and a variety of effects. These can be run in stand-alone mode or controlled via DMX for fully programmed displays. This is an excellent choice for stage shows, where multiple par lights can be used to create a large visual display.

LED wash lights are an excellent choice for filling a room with light and creating the initial ambiance of a space. They can be used as a base to add more layers of lighting, including lasers and strobes. Then, you can turn them on and off as needed to create the right ambiance for a particular event.