LED Follow Spot Lights

A show can’t be truly performed without great lighting. Whether you are in the theatre, arena, or high school stage great lighting is key to a successful performance.

When choosing a follow spot, pay attention to the throw distance and lamp type. Look for center beam candle power (CBCP) or foot-candle specs rather than wattage.


The Takumi-2000A is a 2kw xenon follow spot that can be operated and maintained by individuals trained in stage light manufacturer the operation, maintenance, and hazards of xenon spotlights. The spotlight uses a high-precision, electro-formed reflector and a heavy duty, coated nichrome iris. It also has a 6-way, reversible boomerang color changer and a gobo holder. Its reversible zoom and stepless electronic manual dimming make it easy to use. It is built for stage, concert and theatre lighting.

The Ushio Sai-500 is a lightweight and portable 440W medium-throw LED follow spot. The light uses a powerful daylight white beam and features Step-less Electronic Dimming. It weighs under 40 pounds, making it an ideal follow spot for small to medium-sized venues. It is ideal for theatres, houses of worship, schools, and ballrooms.

This is the latest generation of the popular Ushio/Zylight follow spot line, including their flagship Takumi 2000A xenon lamp. The new design is compact and ergonomic with an iris that closes to 100%. It offers many unique features that set it apart from competing and legacy follow spots. This includes stepless electronic manual dimming via a conventional lever or DMX control through XLR connector. It has a 5800K color temperature, which shows costumes and backdrops as they were meant to be portrayed by the artists and designers. The light is also equipped with an internal cooling system and a reversible zoom.

Ushio Sai-300

Jands are the Australian distributor for Ushio Lighting and have just released their new Sai-300 LED follow spot. The Sai is a short and medium throw LED followspot which joins the Xebex line of Ushio’s follow spots. It is portable in size and easy to use, making it a great choice for houses of worship, schools, ballrooms, and multipurpose venues. The Sai features a powerful 230W LED that delivers a quality daylight white beam. Step-less dimming and 100% iris closure enhances operator usability. The name “Sai” means beautifully colored in Japanese, and Ushio’s unique phosphors accurately reproduce the natural colors of skin tones, costumes, and backdrops.

Ushio Sai-500

Sai, meaning “beautiful color” in Japanese, is a medium-throw LED follow spot with a powerful daylight white beam (5800K) and a CRI Led Follow spot lights of over 92. It is designed to be a lightweight, portable follow spot for use in theatres, houses of worship, schools, ballrooms and multipurpose venues. The Sai-500 uses Ushio’s Xebex LED lamp technology. Its step-less electronic manual dimming via a conventional lever (patent pending) or DMX control through an XLR connector and its iris that closes to 100% are unique features that distinguish it from competing and legacy followspots.

Also on display from Ushio/Zylight at LDI was their Pro-Palette LED cyclorama light that is energy efficient and capable of changing colors smoothly through DMX controls. This cyclorama light can be powered by RGBW (for backdrops of multi-color mixes) or pure white to produce the perfect wash for your show. This product will be available for sale in North America around the first of the year.

Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120ST

The LED Followspot 120ST brings you the definition of a traditional followspot with the power and portability of an LED. This fixture uses a single 120 watt white LED to create a powerful spot that is more than a match for standard incandescent followspots, and it produces very little heat. It is loaded with features that allow you to set your spotlight to fit any situation. With mechanical iris and focus controls, as well as full electronic dimming, it’s easy to control the size and hardness of your beam. Plus, a built-in strobe mode makes it possible to add some fun effects to your show.

You also get something you don’t often find on a followspot: DMX integration. This allows you to control the color, intensity, and onboard strobe effect from your main board, letting your spotlight operators focus exclusively on tracking performers and delivering flawless, tightly-timed transitions.

This LED Followspot 120ST features a bright white LED that allows you to focus your light on actors at far distances, as well as a built in CTO filter that lowers the color temperature for matching tungsten. It is available in manual or DMX modes and provides simple to use control for the iris, zoom, color adjustment, and shutter open/close. It is also silent and offers fast electronic strobe with no moving parts. In addition, it can be set up in seconds and includes a tripod stand.