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AS320 elevator inverter is a type of newly established frequency inverter particularly for elevators. It is developed with 32-bit MPU for electric motor driving, high efficiency complicated programmable logic gadget (CPLD), and also advanced power component. At the same time, the elevator inverter is made based upon global progressed shut loop vector control modern technology as well as supports various control modes consisting of V/F control, sensorless vector control, and torque control settings.

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It is a slim kind inverter for machine room-less elevators. Its thickness is 90 mm to ensure that it can be installed in the room in between the wall in the hoistway and the cage. It can operate by multi-step speed or rate command by serial communication. [VT850H]

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Inverters for lifts-Gefran Inverters for elevators. ADL300. Lift Area oriented vector inverter for synchronous/asynchronous motors. VDL200. Lift-field-oriented vector inverter for asynchronous motors. AGL50 – EV. Raise Area Vector inverter. AFE200. Regenerative active front end power distributors.

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VFD Inverter for Lift/ Lifts & Escalators 1. Automatic voltage law 2. Immediate electric motor security 3. Internal PLC feature of regularity inverter 4. Smart parameter setting of variable regularity drive 5. Emergency situation manual setting … elevator 380V 5.5 kW VDF inverter converter ac drive Adjustable High Regularity Converter Inverter

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Guarantee Time : 1 year. Certifications : ISO9001. FUJI elevator inverter FRN11-LM1S-4X01 11KW 380V. High efficiency vector control: 1. Present response (ACR): 500Hz. 2. Speed control accuracy: +0.01%. High overload capacity: Overload begins from 80% continuous procedure with a provider frequency of 10kH … Exactly How Elevator Specialized Inverter Works – Automation

INVT CHV180 Special Inverter for Elevator Features and advantages 1. Compatible with synchronous as well as asynchronous motor; 2. Begin torque payment without weight sensing unit; 3. Outstanding static auto-tuning; 4. Maximized speed curve; 5.220 V UPS emergency leveling; 6. Light tons detection; 7. Support step-by-step, Sin/cos, UVW and outright encoder.

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These products cover a wide variety of inverters and motors for lift such as integrated motors as well as PM motors from mid-low speed devices to super high speed equipments. Lifts are now a requirement of every day life for global style and progressively high structures, etc. Lift is primarily includes a controller device (carrying out the operation contorl of the elevator), traction machine (for the lift cars and truck activity) and also an inverter (controling the motor of the grip device).

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Lift inverter which is an inverter for elevators is of the sort of basic purpose series. This has the functionality of driving both the PM and electrical induction electric motors. Its shape is slim having a density of regarding 90 millimeters so that it can be installed inside the area present in the wall surfaces that also in the hoist approach and also cage. 1

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200– 480 V Single & 3 stage input 0.75– 37 kW 1– 50 HP Find the energy performance data for your drive on board as basic Committed Elevator Drive The Lift Variable Frequency Drive is the 2 nd generation committed lift drive from Invertek Drives, made to supply smooth, dependable carriage control in all elevator applications.

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