Injectable Powder Filling Machine

injectable powder filling machine

When you need to fill a large quantity of vials, a good solution is to invest in an injectable powder filling machine. This type of machine is automated and high speed, so it helps save you a lot of time. It also provides precise accuracy, as well as durability and vacuum/pressure dosing systems.

Automated high speed machine

An Automated High Speed Injectable Powder Filling Machine is a machine used for injecting powder into vials. These machines are used in the personal care industry and across the pharmaceutical industry. The bulk density and the uniformity of the powder are the two key factors that determine the accuracy of the injector.

A high speed machine has an output rate of 120 fills per minute. This can be increased to 240 fills per minute when two different products are filled in one vial. Moreover, an automatic powder filling machine has a number of features that ensure efficient and stable performance.

Depending on the type of application, the machine can be offered with a variety of optional accessories. For example, a slat chain conveyor can be installed to increase the flow of product. Also, the machine can be built with an integrated turn table to facilitate a quick and easy changeover.

The machine can be built in different specifications, which will determine the quantity of containers that can be filled in a single production run. It also depends on the number of doses that are required to be injected.

As far as the components are concerned, the entire system is made of stainless steel. This includes the PLC controller, the vacuum pump and the hopper. All of these components are designed to prevent any loss of powder.

Lastly, a safety clutch mechanism is implemented to ensure aseptic filling conditions. In addition, the powder can be doctored off by a blade that is attached to the outside of the machine.

The injectables filling line is a complete solution for the sterile powder filling process. It can be used for a wide range of liquids, including ampoules and syringes.

Vacuum/pressure dosing system

A vacuum/pressure dosing system is used in injectable powder filling machine. This type of powder dosing system offers continuous aseptic process. It is suitable for sterile environments and can be customized to perform multiple dosing. The rate of filling depends on the bulk density and humidity of powder.

Typical models of injectable powder filling machines include automatic, semi automatic, and manual models. These are available in single and double head designs. Among them, the automatic model is ideal for small and medium volume production.

The dry powder injectable containers are guided by moving delrin flat conveyor belt. This ensures the correct positioning of the vials. Once a vial is filled, it is placed on a rubber stopper to prevent contamination of the powder.

Injectable powder filling line has a toolless doctor blade adjustment. This makes cleaning easier. Another important part of the powder dosing system is the Dry Heat Sterilizer. This ensures the proper temperature and humidity level of the sterile environment.

Moreover, the contact parts of the injectable powder filling machine are made of Ss316 Materials. All the motors are provided with appropriate contractors. They are also offered with a CIP/SIP system for all the parts that come in contact with the product.

Using the Vacuum/pressure dosing system for powder filling, the machine can achieve high accuracy and performance even after long production cycles. In addition, it can do both the filling and stoppering processes on the same platform.

Besides, the automatic dry powder filling machine uses a pressure dosing system to ensure injectable powder filling machine the precise placement of rubber caps. The filling process can be controlled using a PLC system.

Other features of the Automatic Double Head Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine include digital pressure switch, No Vial-No Rubber Stopper System, and a state of the art fiber optic sensor. Lastly, it is constructed in stainless steel and finished with a protective glove compartment.

Safety clutch system to avoid vial breakage

When filling vials with powder, a safety clutch system is required to avoid the risk of Vial breakage. This mechanism prevents breakage and ensures a safe and aseptic environment. It is also helpful in reducing the cost of powder.

A high-quality, double wheel injectable dry powder filling machine is available. This is an ideal filling machine for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This machine has the capability to fill vials of varying sizes, including 6-gm and 12-gm containers. The throughput ranges from 80 to 220 vials per minute.

With its advanced control system and superior hydraulic and pneumatic features, this powder filling machine can work for long periods without interruption. In addition to being efficient, it is also a highly accurate device.

Powder filling machines are commonly used in production facilities for a wide variety of powders. Since there are different characteristics and bulk densities, it is necessary to achieve an exact filling of powder. For this purpose, the process needs to be smooth.

The injectable dry powder filling machine has a vacuum/pressure dosing system, which helps in achieving the desired filling accuracy. The injectable powder filling machine device also includes a doctor blade to scrape off excess powder. Moreover, it has a manual weight setting, pressure adjustment, and a rubber stopper attaching system.

The injection dry powder filling machine is a cGMP device, which provides a safe and aseptic environment for the liquid. It is also highly accurate, ensuring minimal wastage of powder.

If the customer requires a high-quality dry powder vial filling machine, Harsiddh engineering Co. has a range of models to choose from. These dry powder filling machines are designed to suit different types of production environments, and cater to the needs of various manufacturers.

Precise accuracy

If you are a pharmaceutical or drug business, you must have a machine that is precise. The right machine will give you a competitive edge. It can help you reduce downtime and produce your product faster.

There are various components to consider when choosing a powder filling machine. These components include a level detector, a weigh cell, and a quality control unit.

Choosing the correct machine for your needs can be a daunting task. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, an artisan, or an industrial manufacturer, you must be able to select the best machine for your requirements.

First, choose a machine that can accommodate your container. This can vary from machine to machine, so make sure you read the specifications sheet carefully.

Precise filling requires a good fit. A properly sized hopper and funnel should allow for a smooth, consistent flow of powder. You can also opt for a small vibrator.

In addition to having the best powder filling machine, you must ensure that it is maintained correctly. Proper maintenance can prolong the life of your equipment and eliminate downtime.

If you are not careful, your powder filling machine might be contaminated with dirt, fungus, or other undesirable materials. Additionally, your brand will suffer if the product is not accurately filled.

A powder filling machine with a level detector will help you determine how much of your substance is in each sachet. However, it may not be as accurate as a weigh cell.

Another important part of a quality injectable powder filling line is a Dry Heat Sterilizer. This machine can be used for large or small batch production. Using a Dry Heat Sterilizer for your powder filling line will provide you with GMP compliance and custom automation capabilities.


The injectable powder filling machine is an important equipment for pharmaceutical companies. It fills containers with powder by using air pressure or vacuum. They are highly accurate and have a low rate of wastage. Using advanced technologies can increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

There are many types of powder filling machines available in the market. They are used in many industries. These machines are specially designed to be durable and work efficiently. Their specifications are also varied. Some of these include the automatic vial filling machine, the auger powder filling machine, the double head high speed injectable powder filling rubber stoppering machine and the injection vial filling machine.

Among the various types, the auger powder filling machine is ideal for filling all kinds of powder. This machine is a perfect solution for both pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Several manufacturers are integrating the latest technologies into their powder filling machines. Using these machines can help improve worker safety and decrease operating costs.

One of the most important features of a powder filling machine is the ability to perform accurate operations. To achieve this, the powder must be ground to a fine consistency. However, finely ground active ingredients generate dust easily. Hence, the machine must have a doctor blade to scrape off the excess powder.

Another feature is the use of an overflow collector to hold splashed powder products. Using this system, the filled packages can be weighed and checked.

Moreover, these machines are designed to be user-friendly. Several parts coming into contact with the powder are made of stainless steel. In addition, the mainframe is shielded from mechanical damage. All motors are equipped with appropriate contactors and relays.