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Inflatable Jumpers Cause Serious Injuries

Inflatable jumpers, also known as bounce houses or moonwalks, are popular at children’s birthday parties and summer carnivals. But they can also cause serious injuries. A new CHOC-led study suggests that more industry regulation and education is needed to reduce these preventable injuries.

Commercial-grade inflatables are much stronger than residential ones, and they usually include additional features to entertain kids even more. They include climbing walls, slides and other sections that keep kids engaged while having fun in the inflatable.


Inflatable bouncers are a great way to keep kids entertained, but they’re not without their risks. In fact, according to a recent CHOC-led study, the number of inflatable-related injuries has increased over the last 20 years. This is mostly due to a lack of adult supervision and overcrowding. However, these injuries are preventable with proper safety measures and improved regulations for use of inflatable play structures.

Before jumping in an inflatable, make sure it’s properly set up and secured to the ground. Check for any openings or holes in the walls, and keep it away from trees or power lines. Also, be sure to clean it regularly and avoid using it in bad weather conditions.

Children should be supervised at all times while in the inflatable, and they should not be allowed to enter it if they’re not old enough. They should not throw things inside the inflatable, and they shouldn’t climb on or play with any of its sides or walls. Also, children should not slide down the slide surface head-first, as this can cause injuries.

Inflatable toys can be a fun and safe addition to any event, but it’s important to inflatable jumpers follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and keep them away from hazards such as open flames or water. Additionally, participants should be required to sign liability waivers if they’re minors, and adults should supervise them closely.


Whether you want to buy a bounce house for your backyard or an inflatable water slide for a rental company, you should know that there are three different tiers of quality. Retail inflatables, vinyl crossover inflatables, and commercial inflatables are all made from different materials and have distinct differences in terms of durability and longevity.

Retail inflatables are usually made from nylon oxford, which is a strong, dense material that can withstand heavy use. However, this material doesn’t hold a candle to vinyl, which is the best option for commercial inflatables. Its thick, PVC-coated oxford fabric is built to last and can be used in hot, cold, or rainy weather.

Inflatable games are another category of inflatables that can add an extra element of fun to any event. Boxing ring bounce houses, penalty shootouts, basketball, rumbling, and gladiator duels are some of the most popular interactive games available. These inflatables are often found only in commercial models, though, and they can be quite expensive.

BounceWave Inflatable Sales is a top-rated manufacturer of inflatable game units for the rental industry. Its designers are always creating new products to give rental companies an edge over their competitors. The company specializes in designing custom inflatables that are built to be durable and long-lasting. Its team of experts has extensive knowledge of the inflatable industry and is up to date on current trends.


Inflatables for sale come in many different designs. Some are geared toward specific age groups or types of events. For example, some are designed to look like sports arenas, while others feature spaceships and rockets for children who love outer space. In addition, some are inflatable jumpers even able to accommodate multiple children at once, which makes them ideal for large parties.

Generally, inflatables are made from either nylon or polyester oxford cloth. Each has a weight classification that indicates its strength and durability. In general, nylon is more durable than polyester and has better abrasion resistance, but both have their pros and cons. For instance, polyester is cheaper than vinyl, but it doesn’t stand up as well to tears and abrasions.

For a bounce house that’s built to last, consider one with premium-grade PVC-coated oxford fabric. Its seams are triple-threaded and heat-welded, which helps prevent dirt and other debris from damaging the structure. It also resists fading and holds up to harsh weather conditions, which is especially important for commercial use.

Bounce houses are a great way to promote your business or brand. They are also fun for kids and adults alike, making them a great addition to any party or event. With their unique designs and dazzling colors, they are sure to attract attention. Some even have built-in accessories, such as a net, inflatable balls, and self-sticking dartboards.


The cost of inflatable bouncers varies according to the type and quality of materials used. Bounce houses made with vinyl are more expensive than those made of polyester or nylon, which may be less costly but do not hold up as well over time. Similarly, inflatable water slides made from vinyl are more durable than those made from fiberglass or polyester.

The age of children who will use the jumper is another factor that influences pricing. Most bounce houses have manufacturer instructions that specify the recommended ages, but children can vary in height and weight. In addition, inflatables are often exposed to harsh weather conditions such as high winds and rain that can be dangerous for young children.

Those who own and operate inflatable bouncers can make money by renting them out for birthday parties, graduations, family gatherings, church and community events, and even fundraisers. Some companies also sell their products to retail outlets such as Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us and similar stores. Others offer their products for rent or purchase online.

Inflatable jumpers are a great way to entertain kids and keep them active. They can play games, practice their aim, or simply slide around in the giant structure. Those looking to start an inflatable rental business can benefit from purchasing a jumper that is easy to set up and take down.