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Improve Your Visibility With LED Tractor Lights

Improve your tractor’s visibility with a work light. LED lights last longer than traditional bulbs, and they reduce maintenance costs.

NORDIC LIGHTS offers a variety of tractor lights to choose from. Consider factors like beam pattern preference, brightness level required, build tractor lights tractor supply quality (IP rating for protection against water/dust intrusion), and voltage compatibility when choosing a light for your vehicle.

1. Lux-Landscape Solar Tractor Light

If you like to work in your garden, this is the perfect light for you. It has a built-in solar panel that charges the battery during the day, then automatically turns on at dusk each night to provide lighting. It features bright LEDs and a convenient switch on the back of the unit. The solar landscape lights also come with a mounting pole to make installation simple and fast.

This set of 2 tractor color changing solar stake lights is a fun addition to your home or garden. Each light has an LED that changes colors and stands 31.5″ high including the clear acrylic tractor.

3. Traveller Magnetic LED Amber Light

If you work in a field or on a construction site, it’s important to have good visibility. Mounting tractor lights to your equipment will improve visibility in tough weather conditions, making it easier for you to get the job done. The Traveller Magnetic LED Amber Light features amber lighting, which penetrates through fog, dust, and rain better than white light does, allowing you to see more clearly in bad weather. It also has 7 different multi-mode lighting patterns that you can choose from, including rapid flashing and slow flashing. Its easy-to-use and safe magnetic mounting system makes it convenient to install on your truck, wagon, or tractor.

This LED spot light is designed to be long-lasting and durable, with a 50,000-hour lifespan and a die-cast aluminum housing. It can withstand vibration damage, which is often seen on offroad vehicles, and uses less power than HID and halogen bulbs, saving you money on electricity bills. Its powerful 50,000 lumens provide ample illumination for any project and can be focused to target specific areas of your field.

4. Lux-Landscape LED Flood Light

The right tractor light can make all the difference during fieldwork in dim conditions. LED tractor work lights give the operator clear visibility for safer and more efficient operation during nighttime tasks. They also last longer than traditional bulbs and require less maintenance for increased productivity. They’re also built to withstand vibrations, which can damage conventional bulbs.

With their sleek and compact design, these lights can fit on the hood of a tractor or behind a seat. They feature a bright white LED with a 270° beam angle to illuminate a wide area. The included battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous use, and the mount allows for flexible positioning. A convenient dusk-to-dawn sensor automatically turns on the lights at night and off during the day to save energy.

Designed to be a versatile, plug-and-play landscape lighting solution, these lights come with a mounting spike and durable black finish for a classic look. They’re compatible with G-LUX series 12 Left Right LED Headlight AC power supplies for a quick installation and run at a lower power usage than halogen or HID fixtures. They’re available in neutral 4000K, warmer 3000K and cool 5000K CCT settings and have a power-adjustable driver for the perfect illumination for each location.

This landscape light has a die-cast aluminum construction and a black finish for an attractive, functional aesthetic. It can be used to highlight home details, landscape plantings or garden walkways and features a built-in solar panel to recharge the battery during the daytime. It has a plastic ground stake for simple installation and comes with a set of screws to screw into the stake threads or 1/2-inch plastic riser pipe.