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How to Use Wall Lights Indoors

When it comes to wall lighting indoors, there are many options that combine style with function. Some are brighter and act as a focal point while others provide soft ambient lighting or mood lighting.

It’s important to mount wall lights at the right height. This will depend on your room’s layout, ceiling height and eye level.


Whether you’re adding a pop of color or illuminating a piece of art, wall sconces are an easy way to add lighting to a room. These decorative lamps come in all shapes and sizes, but determining what type to buy depends on your needs. You can find sconces that can be used LED Lighting manufacturer as up or down lights, or those with a movable arm so you can direct the light wherever you need it.

These decorative fixtures are ideal for highlighting artwork, but they can also be used to brighten up a hallway or stairwell. In fact, sconces are one of the most common ways homeowners incorporate functional lighting into their homes without spending a fortune.

There are several different types of sconces, including picture lights, sconces with a swing arm, and plug-in sconces that are easily installed without the need for hardwiring. However, all of these varieties accomplish the same task — they highlight specific focal points on a wall.

When shopping for sconces, keep in mind that they should be mounted at roughly eye level. This ensures that the fixture doesn’t cast harsh shadows on a wall or interfere with any existing features such as cabinets. When mounting sconces in a hall, this positioning also helps illuminate the entire walkway so guests can move through the space safely.

Picture Lights

Picture lights are a classic feature in galleries and stately homes, and they’re becoming increasingly popular in residential settings. These lightweight fixtures accentuate your artwork by creating a soft pool of light to enhance its aesthetics and draw attention. Many are available with a wide range of shade colors to suit your interior decor, and they can be installed either hardwired or as plug-in lights.

When deciding on the size of your picture light, general guidelines suggest it should be around half to 2/3 of the width of the artwork it’s illuminating. This helps ensure the light covers the entirety of the art and doesn’t create glare or long shadows. You can further avoid these issues by positioning the picture light at eye level to help people view the art when standing or sitting in the room, and adjusting the angle of the light for best results.

When installing picture lights, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. For example, if your picture light is hardwired, be sure to properly mark the screw holes with a pencil on the wall before drilling, and make sure the bracket is level before using screws. Alternatively, most plug-in picture lights are easy to set up by simply attaching the mounting bracket and plugging it in, and some even come with an optional paintable cord cover for a clean finish.

Swing Arm Lights

A swing arm wall lamp provides quality task lighting in a design that’s versatile enough for almost any room. These wall mounted fixtures often come in both hardwire and plug-in options so that you can choose the type that works best for your space.

The Austrinus 2-Light Dimmable Swing Arm Lamp features a modern look with a wall lights indoor sleek metal design and bronze accents for added visual appeal. The double swing arm extends up to 23 inches for optimal reach, but it only takes up a foot of vertical space when condensed. This fixture comes with the option of plug-in or hardwire operation and requires a standard 60-watt bulb for expected performance.

You can mount these wall sconces by your bed for nighttime reading, or use them in the office or in a nook to provide focused task lighting. They’re also great for illuminating hallways, dining rooms and other areas where you don’t have the ceiling room for a chandelier or want to light up an art piece.

Determining why you need a wall light will help narrow your search and focus on a more specific type. For instance, if you’re looking to highlight a piece of art, consider a picture light that has a slim, minimal design and LED technology for energy efficiency. This style is perfect for displaying family photos or artwork without taking up valuable floor or table space.

Plug-In Lights

A plug-in light is a great option if you want a creative wall light without the cost and hassle of hardwiring. These lights plug into your standard outlet, making them easy to install in any room of the house. While they can’t be as bright as hardwired fixtures, these lights are ideal for spaces where you want a little mood lighting and won’t be using them as your primary source of light.

This plug in night light from GE features an Edison-style bulb and a decorative brushed nickel hood. The night light has low and high brightness settings, allowing you to choose the right level of illumination for your space. It also has a color-select function that lets you cycle through eight different colors or pick a fixed one to suit your style.

Another great plug-in lighting solution is this set of fairy lights from Hampton Bay. These 24 foot string lights feature 12 shatter resistant LED bulbs that can change to just about any color you can think of using a smartphone app. The lights are also compatible with Google Home Hub, Amazon Echo and Hubspace, so you can control them using voice commands.

These lights are a fun way to highlight family photos or other art in your home. You could also use these to decorate your mantel or buffet for holiday parties and other special occasions. The clips on these lights can also be used to hang posters, cards, invites and other decor.