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elevator door clutch

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A clutch framework of a lift consisting of a car door lock is given to set up an elevation door roller with vertically in order to control the open and also close procedure of the automobile door as well as elevation door. A clutch framework of an elevator including a car door lock consists of: an actuator webcam( 30) combining to a clutch mounted in between a taken care of cam and moving web cam; a keeper( 32) in which an outcropping is formed in front-end; a hook( 82) of claw-shaped set up in a door driving device …

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and also installing means pivotally installing the cars and truck door clutch to the lift cars and truck door, with stated car door clutch being pivotable in between an operative placement which involves the hatch door rollers of a nearby hatch door in feedback to straight movement of the elevator vehicle door, as well as a maintenance placement which stops interaction of the vehicle door clutch with the hatch door rollers of an adjacent hatch door during horizontal activity of the cars and truck door, and also consisting of means biasing the cars and truck door …

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Lots of elevators have a motion sensor system that maintains the doors from shutting if someone is in between them. The vehicle doors have a clutch device that opens the external doors at each flooring and also pulls them open. By doing this, the external doors will only open if there is an auto at that floor (or if they are required open).

elevator door clutch

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SpareComponentsLH2SSOCLUTCHASSEMBLY330A/400AcomputerBasketProductno.:8535C72G04CARETAKERCLUTCHCOMPLETEECI892computerBasketProductno.:892-1014ASSISTANCE,CLOSINGVANEPCBasketProductno.:9800141CLUTCHACTUATINGCAMcomputerBasketItemno.:9800888VANE,CLUTCH,CLOSING9″L elevator door clutch PLASTICPCBasketItemno.:9806015CLUTCHBASEASSY.PCBasket


Dover Door Lock (D-D42) OEM: 9866760 Door Interlock Hook Setting Up (Universal For best & left hand) D-D42 $26.52

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CLUTCH PLATE & ROD (DM SEL)2.125 OD. PC. Basket. Product no.: 216B676G01. Tools Kind: Lift. Area/ Usage: Door. Product: