Dualvisionled led car light supplier

Choosing a DualVision LED Car Light Supplier

IMPORTANT NOTE: These bulbs are not legal for use in USA headlight applications (DOT/FMVSS108). They can only be used as fog lights, or off-road applications.

With premium LED chips and a durable silicone housing, these are an upgrade you won’t regret. These bulbs are Canbus error free and compatible with 99% of vehicles. However, if you have a sensitive car brand, you’ll need a warning canceller to prevent flickering.


Choosing the right LED car bulbs for your vehicle is crucial to improving your visibility at night. You should choose bulbs that have high lumens and lux, Dualvisionled led car light supplier which are the measurements of brightness. They should also be DOT-compliant, which means they comply with US regulations. In addition, you should make sure the bulbs are compatible with your vehicle.

LED lights are a great upgrade from standard halogen bulbs. They produce up to 200% more light than halogen bulbs and are safer for your car and other road users. They are available in a variety of styles and can be installed on almost any car. However, it is important to remember that not all LED bulbs are equal. Some are poorly made and can cause glare for other road users.

Another factor to consider when selecting an LED headlight bulb is its compatibility with your car’s computer system. If you have a very sensitive vehicle, such as a Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler, you may need a specific Canbus decoder to prevent flickering. Also, make sure that the bulb is polarity-reversed and has a chuck mount.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of LED headlight bulbs has nothing to do with brightness. Instead, it has to do with how they appear to our human eyes. The lower the kelvin rating, the more yellow and cooler the light is. This is why most LED bulbs are 6500K, as it is closer to natural daylight and provides better visibility.

Besides, the color temperature of the bulbs is important to consider because it can affect the way you see the road at night. This is because perfect light beam patterns contribute to a broader vision, which allows drivers to react to dangers sooner.

AUXITO bulbs are compatible with 99% of vehicles without Canbus error and have been tested in FiST’s to work well, no kaleidoscope effect, good cutoff, and a solid lumen rating. However, some sensitive vehicles like Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler require a Canbus warning canceller. Adding this to your order will ensure proper installation and avoid potential damage to your car’s computer system. This is a must-have for any vehicle lighting upgrade!

Beam Pattern

The way the LED chips are arranged in the bulb affects its light beam pattern. A wider array means a more focused headlight, while a narrower one will produce a more scattered light pattern. Some bulbs have a single diode on each side of the bulb, while others use two. Some have both low and high beam diodes in the same bulb, and you can switch between them with a switch on the headlight housing.

The light emitted from the bulb passes through the headlight lens and reflector before it illuminates the road. The type of headlight assembly and lens can also affect the beam pattern. For example, projector headlights have a distinct cut-off line in the light beam while reflector headlights are more diffused.

A good LED headlight bulb should have a wide enough light source width to match the original halogen bulb. A bulb with a narrower width will have multiple lighting points that may cause glare for oncoming drivers. An excellent choice is the SEALIGHT X5 series, which has six groups of CSP 3570 LED chips on an ultra-thin 0.05mm copper circuit board for a perfect beam pattern.


If you are looking to replace your car headlights with LED bulbs, then it is important to know that they have a lifespan and will eventually stop working. This is because LEDs do not last as long as halogen bulbs. If you want your LEDs to last longer, it is a good idea to install them in a housing that will protect them from heat and moisture.

If you choose a reputable manufacturer, then your LED lights will have a longer lifespan than those of the competition. However, it is impossible to say exactly how long they will last, as the exact life depends on various factors. This includes the design of the LED, its cooling system and heat triggers. Also, the length of time that the vehicle is driven will affect the longevity of the LEDs.


When upgrading your car lights, it’s important to keep in mind the different factors that go into a good light kit. There are two main John Deere LED Work Light parts: the bulb and the reflector. The bulb emits the light, while the reflector directs it where you want it to go. When pairing the right bulbs with the right reflector, you’ll get the best results.

LEDs run hot and can cause damage if not properly cooled. They also require a special circuit to step up the voltage to the correct level for the LEDs to operate. This is an extra component that makes them more difficult for car manufacturers to design than traditional bulbs.

The LUXEON Versat Dual Color is a single source, dual-color LED that is designed for combined front turn and DRL automotive signaling applications. It offers the performance of a multi-source system without sacrificing thermal capabilities. It is available in a number of automotive-specific LED headlight kits, making it an excellent option for upgrading your vehicle’s signaling system.