Water park equipment

Aquatic Play Structures and Water Park Equipment

Whether it’s an aquatic playground or a splash pad, these new contemporary structures offer fun and creative water challenges that engage kids of all ages. Their graceful designs look inspirational standing still but are designed to be interactive with hidden water surprises.

Pioneering integrated recirculation systems, Aquatix delivers sustainable solutions that empower hours of innovative activity without water consumption limits. This ensures your park stays safe and fresh.

Slides and Play Structures

Water slides and play structures are an attractive addition to any water park. These attractions attract kids of all ages, making the water park more appealing to both children and parents. While these attractions may not seem like they have much to do with demographic research, they are important for a water park’s success.

Kids love slides because they provide a rush of fun. While other playground equipment requires a few minutes of effort to build momentum, slides offer an instant thrill. This makes them a popular attraction for kids around the world.

In addition to their excitement, these attractions help kids build a variety of physical skills. The act of climbing up and sliding down a slide is a great way to strengthen arms, legs, back, and core. Similarly, splashing, dodging ground sprays, and running through the sprinklers all work to develop kids’ gross motor skills.

Another benefit of adding slides to your water park is that it can encourage a variety of social activities. Many slides are designed to be used in pairs, which allows children to Water park equipment race down the slides together and compete with their friends. This social interaction is important for kids’ emotional and cognitive development.

Before you begin construction on your water park, it’s a good idea to have a professional survey the land. This step can ensure that you have enough space for your new attractions, and that the construction process is a safe one. It’s also a good time to double-check that you have the right insurance coverage for your theme park, including workers’ compensation and general liability.


It is important for water parks to regularly inspect their slides and play structures. Failing to do so could result in a guest getting hurt or having an allergic reaction, and can lead to legal action for the park. An internal team of water park maintenance staff can be trained to do general repairs and inspections, or they can hire an outside service that is certified to manage the water park’s maintenance.

Performing regular inspections before the water park opens to guests is essential. This includes checking the slides and play structures for sharp edges, points, chips and holes; looking for faulty lines or joints that may be leaking; checking for pooling or standing water near lines or equipment; and checking that all safety features are working properly.

In addition, it is important to run fresh water through all of the equipment before opening to the public. This ensures that the water flow is consistent and meets the specifications of the equipment. This is best done before the park opens so that any problems can be addressed quickly.

Additionally, it is necessary to conduct quality testing and maintain chemical levels according to local health guidelines. This is especially important if there are any children using the equipment. It is also a good idea to perform these tests daily so that any potential issues can be identified early on.


The most important aspect of any water park is the safety of its guests. This is why it’s crucial to have the right equipment that will stand up to heavy use and be able to easily accommodate a wide range of age groups and abilities.

The majority of water parks have at least a body slide, a pool, and a play structure. Most also have a river of some kind. The two major subtypes of rivers are lazy rivers and wave rivers. Lazy rivers feature a Water park equipment gentle current that moves riders, often in inner tubes around a course with varying entry and exit points. In contrast, wave rivers feature a machine that provides a surge of water at certain locations along the river.

While the majority of slides and other water park equipment is ADA accessible, there are additional features that make a water park even more welcoming for all visitors. For instance, splash pads are designed for zero-depth water play without areas of standing water. They use fountains and nozzles to allow kids to experience aquatic play, but they aren’t required to have lifeguards on-site during operational hours, significantly reducing costs.

To keep water parks safe, it is crucial to check for signs of wear and tear regularly. This includes checking if the operating pressure is at the correct level for each piece of equipment and that all water supply lines are free from blockages. It is also necessary to perform system checks and water quality testing before opening the park for the day and again after any repairs or changes are made.


In addition to bringing fun and excitement to children of all ages, water park equipment can also add visual appeal to a community space. CR Design Studio offers custom aquatic design concepts and products that can help parks and communities stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s misters, bubblers, or a full splash pad design, we can work with clients to create a water play experience that is unique and engaging for visitors.

Themes can also help draw in new visitors and keep them coming back year after year. Kids are more likely to visit a water park that looks exciting than one that seems mundane or run-down. Adding new and exciting water slides or features will keep families coming to the water park, even if it’s just for the novelty of seeing the bigger-than-life sculpted pieces.

Commercial splash pads are the most practical way to offer an all-ages aquatic playground experience. Unlike swimming or wading pools, these zero-depth aquatic play spaces provide an immersive water environment that can be themed and separated into distinct bays. They are also ADA Accessible, encouraging inclusive play among children of all abilities. From dumping buckets and water cannons to kinetic water displays, these interactive water experiences are fun for everyone.