Blue Red Led Warning Light

Adding a Red LED Pedestrian Warning Light to Your Forklift

Whether they’re on a patrol car or an ambulance, red and blue LED lights grab attention and communicate the urgency of a situation. The brightness of these LED lights also stands out from other vehicles in foggy or low-light conditions.

The blue color system is typically associated with law enforcement, while fire and EMT vehicles use red lighting. Some states allow snow plows to operate with blue in combination with amber lights.

Safety Features

Adding a Red LED Pedestrian Warning Light to your forklift is one of the easiest ways to increase safety in dangerous work areas. This type of LED work lights project a bright blue pattern onto the ground to let pedestrians know that a forklift is moving in their direction. This makes it much easier for pedestrians to avoid being run over by the machine.

This specific type of safety lights is most often seen on police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and state emergency vehicles. However, you can also see them on specialized vehicles for public works projects like snow removal and road maintenance, as well as utility vehicles.

When people see the flashing red and blue lights on these types of vehicles, they instantly recognize them as emergency response vehicles. The combination of these two colors is very effective because it grabs attention and communicates urgency. Additionally, people who are colorblind can more easily see the red lights than they can the blue ones.

These types of LED warning lights are available in a variety of different colors to accommodate many different applications. White is used by utilities for their utility vehicles, which include things like trash and recycling trucks. Railroad-related machines like locomotive fueling tankers and track maintenance vehicles often use a white light as well. Green is reserved for homeland security and other government agencies that protect high risk government and critical infrastructure, including airports, oil & gas depots, water storage facilities and dams, and more.


Many warehouses use forklifts to help with the movement of heavy materials and loads however they can be dangerous to pedestrians when not used properly especially in crowded areas. A Red LED Pedestrian Warning Light can add an extra layer of safety to the forklift as it is visible from all directions and helps people to be aware of the intended direction of travel to avoid any potential collisions.

These lights can also be mounted to other types of industrial equipment such as scisor lifts, boom lifts and sweepers allowing all equipment to have a consistent approach to safety. It is a simple yet effective way of adding more safety Blue Red Led Warning Light to an existing machine which will make it stand out from the rest.

While the vast majority of emergency response issues take place at night, it is still important to be able to stand out in bright sunlight as well. That is why the combination led driving light factory of red and blue is so useful, as it is much easier for the eye to see than other colors.

These lights mount tidily on to the front or rear of the forklift so they can be put into use within minutes. They do not require any drilling and are made from an extremely durable aluminium body and 304 stainless steel bracket which means they can handle some serious abuse without losing their integrity. They also come with a 3 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Installation Options

A forklift blue warning light mounts on the rear or front of your vehicle and projects a 15-20 foot advanced warning to pedestrians of the forklift’s presence. This allows them to stop or move over to avoid collisions and has been shown to save lives in real world situations. The lights are easy to install and provide the driver with a quick, simple, yet effective safety feature.

Blue colored safety lights are often associated with law enforcement vehicles and can be seen in many police cars around the country. These lights are available in a variety of flash patterns and can be synchronized with siren systems. These lights are also commonly used for emergency situations such as snow plows, fire trucks and ambulances.

In addition to providing a visual alert for your emergency vehicles, these lights are incredibly durable and can stand up to harsh working conditions. Most have a metal backing plate that protects the lights from physical damage and they are weather resistant. Some also have a slanted mounting design that makes it easier to fit them in tight spaces.

These lights are available in a number of different color options and mounting types. Some are permanent surface mounts while others can be mounted on magnetic bases for temporary signaling needs. They are also able to be synchronized with other LED lights on your emergency vehicle.


Most companies rely heavily on forklifts to help move heavy loads around their warehouses and manufacturing plants. However, these machines can be dangerous to pedestrians who are not aware of their presence or location. Fortunately, installing a forklift red pedestrian warning light can help keep both your employees and pedestrians safe.

This LED light is designed to flash rapidly when activated causing pedestrians to be alerted of the forklift’s proximity. This alert will allow them to get out of the way and avoid potential injuries due to foot injury or rear end swing accidents. Additionally, the red LED arrow light will indicate which direction the forklift is moving in. This will also help to prevent pedestrians from crossing paths with the forklift.

This LED emergency warning light can be used on forklifts and other industrial vehicles that are class I-VI. It comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation. Additionally, it can be mounted without drilling into the overhead guard of the vehicle. In addition to this, the red LED light is highly visible and can be seen at a distance. This makes it ideal for use on industrial vehicles that frequently travel long distances. The light also has a 5 year warranty. This warranty is void if the product is modified in any way, including the addition of non-Grote approved wiring accessories.