Acoustic Slat Panels

Wood slat panels are a great way to improve the acoustics of any space. They also add a touch of elegance and can be curated to match your existing decor.

Acoustic slat panels are easy to install and incredibly versatile. They can be used as a complete wall covering or as an accent wall for acoustic control.

Easy to Install

Acoustic slat panels are a great way to add interest and visual appeal to your space. They are easy to install and come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. They are also versatile enough to be used for everything from a simple wall covering to an entire room remodel.

They are a great choice for any interior design project, and they are sure to impress guests. They are also an excellent way to improve the overall acoustics of your home or office.

The first step is to measure your space. This will allow you to decide where to mount the panels and will help you determine the size of each one. You can even hold them up to your wall and test their fit for a better idea of how they’ll look.

Once you’ve determined the size of each panel, it’s time to put them together. The simplest way to do this is to place the first panel on top of a piece of felt. Then, place the second panel next to it. The slats of the second panel should be able to fit behind the last slat of the first, which will completely hide the seam and make it look like you put two panels on your wall.

After placing the second panel on top of the first, you’re going to want to use a pencil to mark a distance from the end of each slat on the panel. You can also mark this distance along the felt backing to make it easier to match each slat with its matching one.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to mount the acoustic slat panel. You can either choose to use contact adhesive or you can drill screws directly into the acoustic felt. Either option will work, but we recommend a minimum of 6-8 screws per panel, spaced evenly around the edges and closer to the middle.


Acoustic slat panels are an excellent choice for any home or business looking to create a beautiful, tranquil space. They are both versatile acoustic slat panels and easy to install, making them a great option for any project.

They are also incredibly eco-friendly and sustainable. They are made from wood, a renewable resource that doesn’t contribute to the global warming issue like other products.

Their sleek design and natural wood finish add warmth and sophistication to any room. They also offer a variety of benefits, including noise reduction and insulation.

The slats of these panels have a unique shape and size that helps them to absorb sound waves more effectively than traditional drywall. They also have a built-in acoustic foam layer that further enhances their sound absorption abilities.

They’re also available in a range of sizes and colors, so you can customize your design to fit your space. Plus, they’re a quick and inexpensive way to make a big impact.

To get started, start by removing any existing wallpaper or paint from the wall. This will help you to determine the number of acoustic slat wood wall panels you’ll need.

Once you’ve removed all the previous wallpaper and paint, use construction glue or grab adhesive to stick your acoustic slat wall panels to the wall. You can also screw them into the wall, which is an ideal way to ensure that they remain firmly in place and won’t fall off.

These slat walls are also extremely durable and will hold up well over time, making them an excellent choice for any space. However, they do need to be maintained to keep them looking their best.

Keeping up appearances is as acoustic slat panels simple as dusting the acoustic slat walls regularly with a soft-bristle brush or vacuum cleaner attachment. It’s important to avoid using water or harsh cleaning products, as they can damage the material.

The acoustic slats of these panels absorb sound waves by converting them into heat, which they then quickly absorb. This means that they can help to create a quieter environment, which is especially useful for open-plan offices. They can also help to improve sound quality and intelligibility, helping to keep employees focused on their work.

Visually Appealing

Acoustic slat panels can be a great addition to your home, office, or any other space. Their sleek design and natural wood finish add warmth and sophistication to any room. They also provide insulation and sound absorption. However, it is important to remember that they are only effective if they are installed correctly.

The wrong acoustic wall panels can be aesthetically unappealing and detract from the overall look of your space. This is why it is crucial to find a design that will compliment the aesthetics of your space.

A slatted panel that looks a bit like a piece of egg carton could be perfect for recording studios, but it doesn’t look that good elsewhere. This is why modern acoustic panel manufacturers have made it possible to choose from a variety of designs, allowing you to find the right slatted wall panels for your needs.

These slatted designer acoustic panels are guaranteed to make a bold (yet silent!) impact in your home, office, or workplace. Available in 4 elegant colours and with noise-reducing acoustic felt backing, these bendable panels can be used to create a slatted wall or ceiling.

When installing acoustic slat panels, you can choose one of three methods. The first involves securing the panel directly to the wall with construction glue or grab adhesive. This method requires no screws or additional support structures and is easy to install. The second method involves securing the panels to the wall through the acoustic felt using screws. We recommend using a minimum of 9 screws per panel, spaced at regular intervals across the width and down the length of the panel.

The slatted acoustic wall and ceiling panels from AKUSTIK are gorgeous, easy to install wood strip decorative wall and ceiling panels that can also boast class A sound absorption. Their unique combination of wooden slats and acoustic PET panel makes them a functional lamellar acoustic panel that will reduce the annoying reverberation of modern interiors.

Sound Absorbing

Sound absorbing panels are an excellent way to reduce unwanted noise in any room. The slatted design of these acoustic panels absorbs sound energy and makes the room quieter by reducing reverberation.

Acoustic slats are made from wood veneers and are attached to an acoustic felt backing material that creates a highly effective sound absorbing barrier. They are a great way to change the look of any room in your home or workplace and they’re also very easy to install.

They’re available in a wide range of colours and are ideal for those looking to add a touch of style to any room in their home or workplace, while also improving the acoustics of the space. They are also very versatile and can be installed on curved surfaces as well as straight walls, which is a great way to customise your slatted acoustic wall or ceiling in the way you want it!

The slatted design of these panels makes them look impressive in any interior setting. They are manufactured from recycled PET absorptive board and the slats are pressed onto this material, which gives the panel a lovely texture.

These panels are also designed to be easy to install, with contact adhesive or a black screw fixed between each of the slats. They can be fitted to either a ceiling or wall, depending on the thickness of the acoustic felt that they’re attached to.

These acoustic panels are designed to be the best in their class, with their acoustic felt and slats working together to improve the acoustics of your space. They can be used in conjunction with other acoustic products to further reduce the amount of noise that you hear, such as acoustic foam or acoustic tiles.