Single Row Led Light Bar

A Single Row Led Light Bar Boosts Your Visibility in Low-Light Conditions

A Single Row Led Light Bar is a powerful, versatile lighting solution for many off-road vehicles. These LED light bars string together multiple LED chips in high-output reflector buckets, significantly boosting your visibility in low-light conditions.

These powerful lights feature a wide beam pattern to cover the ground in front of your vehicle. They also come with a choice of spot or flood beam patterns to best suit your application.


Single Row Led Light Bars are a great option for many applications. They offer powerful illumination, a variety of beam patterns, and a low profile design that blends in well with any vehicle. However, you should be sure to check your local laws before purchasing one for your car, truck, SUV or RV.

Powerhouse Performance

Single-row LED bars are built to handle intense use, delivering high levels of power and long life. They feature durable aluminum construction and GORE heat sinks that help keep the LEDs cool to maximize performance. They also include a Deutsch waterproof wiring harness and installation instructions, so you can plug them in and get out on the trail with confidence.

The CREE XLAMP XML LEDs in these single-row lights deliver powerful night-searing illumination, making them ideal for off road enthusiasts, professional race teams, emergency responders, farming and agriculture equipment, mining, hunting and general work applications. They feature a durable polycarbonate lens, die-cast aluminum construction and IP68 rated housing for water and dust protection.

They come in both straight and curved designs. You can choose either based on your personal preference, and you should be sure to take measurements of the area where you plan to mount the bar before you buy.

Beam Pattern Options

If you are looking for more range than a single spot beam can provide, a flood beam pattern is the best choice. If you want to get up close and personal, a combination beam pattern offers both floods on each end of the bar and spots in the middle.

Price & Size

A low profile design means that Single Row LED Light Bars are easier on the wallet than their dual-row counterparts. They are also much more compact, which is helpful for mounting in areas where larger lights would be difficult to fit.

Beam Patterns – The CREE LED Single Row Light Bars are available in a variety of beam patterns, including solo spot, solo flood, and combo. Spot beams are ideal for high speed driving, while floods can be used for more up-close applications.


When choosing the right LED light bar for your vehicle, it is important to consider the durability of the product. If the bar has a high quality build and good components, it will likely last for years to come. On the other hand, if it has a lower quality build and low-quality components, it may not last as long or function properly.

Durability is a big concern for anyone who plans to drive their truck, car, SUV or ATV off-road or into the woods. If the lights don’t perform properly, you might find yourself stuck on the side of a trail or worse – getting into an accident.

If you’re looking for a single row LED light bar, you’ll want to make sure it is durable enough for your needs. These LED light bars are Single Row Led Light Bar made with the brightest and most durable LEDs available, ensuring that they can perform well for as long as you need them to.

The best way to determine if the light bar you’re looking at is durable is to check out the manufacturer’s warranty. If the company offers a longer warranty than their competitors, it might be a sign that they stand behind their products.

Another thing to look for is the type of diodes used in the light. Cree LEDs are typically the most popular choice, but there are other quality options as well.

For example, Phillips LEDs tend to put out a warmer light than Cree, which can be helpful when driving in fog and snow.

You’ll also want to consider the beam pattern. A flood beam pattern will illuminate a wide area in front of you, while a spot beam pattern projects light from the center outward.

Some brands will offer a combination of these, giving you the ability to choose which one is more appropriate for your situation. This is especially helpful if you plan to use the light bar in an off-road environment where it’s necessary to project a lot of light outwards.

If you’re looking for a single-row LED light bar that’s extremely durable, consider LUMENS HPL’s COMP series. They are a great value and come with all the features you need, including a hardened polycarbonate lens, aluminum body, and stainless steel mounts.


The Single Row Led Light Bar is a low profile, stylish lighting solution for your truck, car, SUV or ATV. Available in a range of lengths, this style offers powerful illumination without the height and size of a dual-row bar.

As the name suggests, a Single Row LED light bar contains one horizontal strip of LED bulbs. This design typically produces less light output than a dual-row model, but it can still provide enough illumination to help you safely navigate your vehicle at night.

When choosing a single-row LED light bar, consider your needs and preferences. It’s also important to take into account the size and shape of your vehicle. If your vehicle has a small roof, it may be better to choose a bar with a shorter length.

Another thing to consider is how you plan to mount your light bar. You’ll want to ensure that it will fit where you Single Row Led Light Bar need it, and won’t interfere with your suspension or other vehicle components.

At LED Equipped, we offer a wide variety of single-row and dual-row bars, so you’re sure to find the perfect option for your vehicle. If you’re not sure which type is right for your vehicle, it’s best to look at pictures online or ask a few friends and family members for advice before buying.

Appearance and Affordability

Single-row LED light bars are a great choice for those who don’t want to sacrifice performance or the overall appearance of their lighting upgrade. They offer a discreet look that blends with most vehicles, and they’re more affordable than dual-row models.

Lumen Output

Despite the fact that a single-row light bar contains only a few LED bulbs, it’s still capable of producing a bright, high-intensity beam. It’s also a more efficient option than a dual-row model because it requires fewer bulbs to produce the same amount of brightness.

This single-row light bar is designed to give you all the power you need for long nights on the trail. Its sleek, modern design is backed by high-performance optics and unyielding aluminum construction. Its IP68-rated housing makes it safe for even the most intense driving conditions.


If you want to improve the lighting on your vehicle, a Single Row LED Light Bar is an excellent choice. They’re easy to install, offer a brighter beam pattern and provide increased visibility on the road, so you can see everything that is out there ahead of you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting system with an LED light bar, it’s important to understand what type is right for you. There are two main types – single-row and dual-row. These can differ in size, power output and mounting height.

Single-row bars are less expensive than their dual-row counterparts, so you can save money on your purchase. They also tend to be more discreet in appearance and can blend in with your vehicle’s overall aesthetics.

In addition, single-row lights usually have a smaller power draw than their dual-row counterparts, making them more energy-efficient. This can help you save on your fuel bill and reduce your carbon footprint in the long run.

The first step in the installation process is to find a suitable mounting location for your LED light bar. There are many options out there, so it’s best to take your time to find a good fit.

When you’ve found a place to mount your new light bar, it’s time to secure it in place with a bolt kit and wiring harness. These kits usually come with all the parts you need, including a bracket, wires and nuts.

You can also choose to install a harness yourself, but it’s important to be smart when routing your wires. This can help you avoid problems like shorting your battery or blowing a fuse.

Once the wires are in place, you can start mounting your new LED light bar. There are a couple of different methods for mounting a LED light bar, but the most common is to use a mounting bracket. This is where you place the LED light bar in a bracket and secure it with bolts.

It’s also important to make sure that your new light bar is waterproof. This will ensure that it stays in good working order even if you’re out in the desert or in rough weather.